Heart Thoughts

Weekly messages from Rev. Pat Bessey, our minister. Heart Thoughts sent before December 29, 2021 are found in our Sunday Video Files blog.


Heart Thoughts: Energetic Cleansing

High Five to all who showed up for the cleanup day. In the almost 12 years that I have been here we have never done what we did on Saturday. We have had cleanup days but not to the extent as this one was. As I mentioned in the service, please do not bring items to the church with the intention we might be able to use it. Especially not books! Oh my goodness we have a plethora of books. I am very excited to share that we will be having a once-a-month group for women. We have Unity Women’s…

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Heart Thoughts: Deepening Your Practice

This past weekend was especially noteworthy for me. Saturday was my birthday and then Mother’s Day followed on Sunday. I am not one who plans for their birthday and never has been; however, others around me make sure I am celebrated. To all who sent me cards, text messages, a plant, flowers, and the self-care birthday bag, given to me on Sunday by the amazing folks on the board, thank you for not letting my day go unnoticed. Unity Center for Spiritual Growth got a write-up in the Windham Eagle this past week. A reporter was at the World Day…

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Heart Thoughts: Ways to Give

A shout-out to Matt Purinton and Kim Cowperthwaite for their stellar job on Sunday. I am so blessed to be able to take time off and know that everything is moving smoothly. Thank you to Mimo Otis and all who helped with coffee and setup and cleanup for the potluck. This ministry is so blessed to have so many able hands to take the reins when needed. This is what I want to use this space for this week; however, I do want to acknowledge the Silent Retreat first. This weekend I was at the last Silent Retreat that was…

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Heart Thoughts: The 5 Divine Steps

Happy May… May is my favorite month for many reasons but mostly because it is my birthday month. I love that I get to start another year around the sun. I love to see how nature gifts me with so much beauty. The trees are leafing out, the rhododendrons are blooming, new life is springing up from the ground and I am curious to see what it is that will be showing itself. New life is springing up at Unity as well. Lunches are coming back. This Sunday is a potluck and then we have lunch covered for the second…

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Heart Thoughts: For the Love of the Earth

Wow! What a powerful talk Rivera Sun gave us on Sunday. She left us with some action steps that we can take going forward. One we implemented on Sunday and that is using glass dinner plates for our meals going forward. Until we can compost with compostable plates this will be the new norm. Now that being said, it requires more hands for cleanup. I want to thank Cindy O’Connell for standing at the sink filling the dishwasher and then washing what didn’t fit in the dishwasher. Every chair in Unity Hall was filled and it indicates the desire for…

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