Heart Thoughts

Weekly messages from Rev. Pat Bessey, our minister. Heart Thoughts sent before December 29, 2021 are found in our Sunday Video Files blog.


Heart Thoughts: Rolling Away the Stone

I am reflecting on Sunday’s service and still feeling the wonderful energy that permeated the sanctuary. However, what I realize is missing is the children coming up at the end of the service and sharing what they learned during their time together with all of us. Our children’s program hasn’t been brought back since COVID and I miss their energy. I was talking with someone on Sunday, and they mentioned about the children, and I asked them to hold with me that we would have teachers come forward as that is what is needed. The families are waiting for the…

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Heart Thoughts: Holy Week


We have entered Holy Week…it began on Sunday with Palm Sunday and will conclude this coming Sunday with Easter. However, in between, there are important events happening. Thursday, which is known as Holy Thursday or Maundy Thursday, is when Christians commemorate the day on which Jesus shared the Last Supper with his twelve disciples. It is believed that Jesus washed the feet of his disciples before the meal, to demonstrate the importance of serving others. I hope you will join Rev. Jesse James and myself as we share Maundy Thursday with you via Zoom. It will be a sharing of…

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Heart Thoughts: Reincarnation & Abundance

Spring is here, according to the calendar… however, warm weather hasn’t arrived yet. With Spring comes cleaning and decluttering. We are doing that in spades in the ministry. This past week we had the sanctuary repainted and it looks fabulous. Next is my office, which I am clearing out and, along with the clearing, replacing the furniture. If you have interest in the desk, a side shelf or bookcases let me know. I have been gifted new furniture, which I am excited about. We just so happen to be offering a class on Decluttering 101 with Yvette Nadeau. Yvette will…

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Heart Thoughts: The Affirmative Word

Here we are at the end of March, and I am happy to say that we are seeing more of you in person on Sunday mornings. We are always grateful for those who follow us online, knowing that you are an important part of our community. Our Board of Trustees had their annual retreat at Marie Joseph Retreat Center this past Friday night and Saturday. It was a wonderful opportunity to bond as a team and to discuss and make decisions regarding our community going forward. Here are some things to know about: We will have our first potluck gathering…

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Heart Thoughts: Conscience

What a treat to go to the Peace concert on Sunday night with Rev Todd Glacy. As always, Todd hits the right tone to bring you right into your heart. It was wonderful to be sharing the hour with other folks both in person and online. If you missed it, you can watch it here… you will want to, for the gong meditation is awesome. Todd and I agree that he will do an event like this once a quarter; we are looking at a June date. Stay tuned! Last Sunday was the Spring equinox and the energy in the…

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