Heart Thoughts

Weekly messages from Rev. Pat Bessey, our minister. Heart Thoughts sent before December 29, 2021 are found in our Sunday Video Files blog.


Heart Thoughts: The Power of Money

Excitement is building for the Unity’s Got Talent…And Food event! If you’re eager to showcase your talents, please reach out to me or Elizabeth Peterson. Don’t forget to register so we can anticipate your arrival. Coming up sooner is the Gong Journey Workshop with Rev. Todd Glacy this Sunday, May 19. Remember, registration is key. Next time you visit, take a moment to admire the new bulletin boards displayed in the hallway. One highlights our diverse Volunteer Teams within the ministry, while the other features upcoming events and a Daily Word signup sheet. Kudos to Susan Taggart for her creative…

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Heart Thoughts: The Soul of Money

There’s a unique comfort in returning to a familiar place after some time away, and that’s exactly the warmth I felt on Sunday, reuniting with all of you. The joy was only amplified by the unexpected birthday celebration — truly, moments like these are unmatched. Eagerly, I await the day of my birthday to see what gift lies in wait. This past Saturday marked the celebration of World Labyrinth Day, observed with splendid enthusiasm. A heartfelt thanks to Barbara Kowalska, Trish Vogel, Susan Taggert, Todd Glacy, Betti Lu Lewis, and Connie Troumbley for their diligent efforts in orchestrating such a…

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Heart Thoughts: Giving and Receiving

As a minister, it’s truly heartwarming to have a multitude of individuals to express gratitude towards for their various contributions to our ministry. This is the sentiment that fills me as I pen these words to you. I’d like to commence my recognition of the selfless service to our community with Friday night’s Kirtan. A special acknowledgment goes to Todd Glacy for making this possible for our community. Moving on to Saturday, it was a splendid spring day, and our Garden Team and Labyrinth Team seized the opportunity. The Garden Team constructed a wire fence around the raised beds to…

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Heart Thoughts: New Beginnings

Greetings, everyone! The season of renewal has arrived, and with it, the cheerful sight of daffodils blooming near the labyrinth’s boundary — a beacon of new beginnings. The labyrinth has been a topic of much interest lately. In honor of World Labyrinth Day on May 4, we’re excited to host a special event. This day unites individuals globally in a collective meditation for harmony and peace. More information will be shared soon — watch this space for updates! As spring unfolds, our Garden Team is operating at full speed and could use your assistance. This Saturday, they’ll be assembling the…

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Heart Thoughts: Healing Meditation

To express my gratitude for the creature comforts like electricity would be an understatement. After nearly 72 hours without power, I found myself losing all the Unity speak that I know. The reality is that in my humanness, I craved hot water, internet, and warmth — all of which vanish when the power goes out. However, no matter how much I yearned for it, it didn’t happen until it did! This experience holds a profound lesson for me. It echoes what I teach in the “I of the Storm”: nothing is against me. Even though the power outage felt like…

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