Join Us in the Sanctuary Sunday!

What people are saying: “I was a guest today. Thank you for welcoming me to your church. I could feel the love and spirituality the moment I walked in the door and was greeted with warm smiles. Everything about the service was beautiful and spoke to my soul. I am looking forward to next Sunday and becoming a more involved member of Unity. (I cannot help but think how appropriate the name Unity is.) Thank you for a wonderful day.” (Posted on our Facebook page on March 12.)

Register Now for Gong Journeywork

Sunday, May 19, 3-5 p.m. — Unleash the Guru in You • Experience deep relaxation and healing. • Release tension and overcome mental/emotional blocks. • Access wisdom for insight, guidance, and personal growth. • Reconnect with your true purpose and potential. Gong Journeywork is a self-revelatory process of deep relaxation and exploration of awareness beyond the ego-conscious mind. Combining elements associated with ancient and modern trance-formational practices, it allows us to access deeper realms of consciousness where insight, intuition, and knowing become available to help guide us towards health, happiness, and well-being. Facilitator: Todd Glacy. Cost: $30. Registration required. Space…

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Soul of Money

Love, Lies and a Great Awakening: Into an India Heart of Hunger, Soul of Money

Heart Thoughts: The Soul of Money

There’s a unique comfort in returning to a familiar place after some time away, and that’s exactly the warmth I felt on Sunday, reuniting with all of you. The joy was only amplified by the unexpected birthday celebration — truly, moments like these are unmatched. Eagerly, I await the day of my birthday to see what gift lies in wait. This past Saturday marked the celebration of World Labyrinth Day, observed with splendid enthusiasm. A heartfelt thanks to Barbara Kowalska, Trish Vogel, Susan Taggert, Todd Glacy, Betti Lu Lewis, and Connie Troumbley for their diligent efforts in orchestrating such a…

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Awakening the Heart


Wednesdays, May 29 & June 4,12 & 19, 6:30-8 p.m. Awakening the Heart: A Four-week Introduction to the Practical Spirituality of the Awakened Heart with Paul Dugliss, M.D. Practical spirituality means having the tools and techniques that allow one to access one’s greater self, presence and higher awareness at any moment of the day. These tools allow one to live in presence and to live in the flow of Universal Love during each moment of the day. This is done through awakening the heart. Course Description Here is the outline of the four-week introductory course: I. Heart Centering — the…

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Quiet Quest: A Journey…

Quiet Quest: A Journey Into Silence and Self-Discovery — Saturday, June 1, 9:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. — This introductory mini-retreat is designed to help you establish a connection with the five distinct realms of your existence: the physical, emotional, mental, moral (your relationship with yourself and others), and spiritual. Engaging with these 5 Domains allows us to touch base with these facets of our being at any given moment. It’s through this mindful attention to our diverse aspects that we can attain a greater equilibrium in our lives. This will be a Retreat of Silence. Attendees will be urged to disconnect…

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Unity’s Got Talent… and Food Fundraiser

Friday, June 14, 6 p.m. — Are you ready for an evening of taste, talent, and togetherness? We’re thrilled to announce our first annual Unity’s Got Talent… and Food fundraiser. Support the restoration of our beloved labyrinth, a cherished hub within our community! Every donation contributes directly to the preservation of this cultural landmark. Let’s come together to ensure its legacy thrives while fostering unity and togetherness in our community. The evening kicks off with a delectable meal, followed by captivating performances by our talented entertainers, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all. Secure your spot now by registering below and…

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Zero Balancing Introductory Talk

Sunday, June 9, 12:30-3:30 p.m. — Presented by Julie Sargent, Beverly Peirson & Pamela Attomore Please join us for a fun and informative talk and demonstration about Zero Balancing (ZB), the holistic touch therapy developed by Dr. Fritz Smith over 50 years ago. During the three-hour gathering, the many benefits and hallmarks that distinguish ZB will be highlighted. Whether you are a health practitioner or someone interested in learning this therapy to benefit your family and friends, you will learn how Zero Balancing promotes access to greater health and vitality. This talk also is designed to provide you with an…

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Animal Communication/Healing

Sylvia Tavares

Thursday, June 27, 6:30-8 p.m. — Join us for an enlightening session with Sylvia Tavares, RTM, a seasoned healer with over three decades of experience in animal communication and healing. Sylvia will share her evolution in the healing arts, tracing the path that led her to become an advocate for our non-human companions. During the presentation, you’ll hear heartwarming tales of the profound impact her unique blend of healing techniques has had on both animals and their human counterparts. An interactive Q&A segment will follow, offering the possibility of live animal communication demonstrations, dependent on time constraints. We invite you…

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Women’s Retreat

Love’s Infinite Journey: Exploring Deeper Connections and Healing Together
October 4 – 6, Oceanwood Camp & Conference Center, Ocean Park, ME