Join Us in the Sanctuary Sunday!

We are open for in-person Sunday services. Please wear a mask, as the Covid infection rate in our area is high. Coffee and tea will be available after the service. We are cautiously optimistic that our opening will be permanent; however, we are ready to pivot if need be and go back to just online. Online will be available as it has been, and we will continue to be hybrid going forward.

Heart Thoughts: Looking Forward to Spring

Quite the storm we had this week! Very grateful it waited until Sunday night into Monday. If I remember correctly last year we had storms mostly on Sundays. This year is good for the ministry, not so good for the schools. However, we are both better equipped because of COVID and can shift to online if needed. Although we are in the midst of winter, attention is being directed to spring and Earth Day, gardens, and cleanup. If you have interest in helping plan an Earth Day event, please talk to Mari, Betti Lu Lewis or myself. I also had…

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Monthly Healing Service is February 5

Sunday, February 5, 11:45 a.m.-1 p.m. in the sanctuary — The purpose of the Healing Service is to facilitate healing by the flow of energy through the power of grace. Those serving as facilitators of healing know that their services represent their commitment to support the emergence and acceptance of the wholeness that Spirit intends for us. This is achieved by applying Unity’s principles of healing as well as other modalities. All who attend will have the opportunity to receive personal time for healing if they choose. Everyone is invited to remain for the whole service, even after receiving a…

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