Join Us in the Sanctuary Sunday!

We are open for in-person Sunday services. Please wear a mask, as the Covid infection rate in our area is high. Coffee and tea will be available after the service. We are cautiously optimistic that our opening will be permanent; however, we are ready to pivot if need be and go back to just online. Online will be available as it has been, and we will continue to be hybrid going forward.

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Sunday, July 17, 7 p.m. — Join Todd Glacy, Helena Nash, and Marni and Jason Prince for a live, in-person event, an evening of music, mantra and meditation as we participate in the practice of call-response chanting (Kirtan). Kirtan is a devotional practice typically done in a call-and-response format that is easy to follow and is a powerful trance-formational experience that draws from many traditions and brings us back into vibrational alignment with ourselves and all that is. Feel free to sing, clap, dance, or just relax and enjoy the vibrations. Cost: $20 suggested donation. All are welcome!

Feng Shui Basics II Workshop

Sunday, July 17, 11:45 a.m.-1:15 p.m. — This workshop with Steph Plourde is offered both as a follow-up to May’s Feng Shui Basics workshop, but also as a standalone session for anyone interested in transforming a space – specifically how they feel in their space. Cost : $15. Sign-up sheet is on the church bulletin board. Learn more

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About Roe v Wade

We at Unity Worldwide Ministries feel deeply disturbed and heartbroken by the decision of the United States Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade, denying the constitutional protections of women’s reproductive rights which have been in place for the past fifty years. The implications of this decision are far-reaching, since there is a real possibility that other human rights are in danger of being revoked as well. UWM believes that all human life is sacred and worthy of respect. Because of our deeply held spiritual beliefs regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion we stand for the rights of women to make…

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Heart Thoughts: Amazing Sunday

Sister Lucy Kurien

Energy was high at Unity Center for Spiritual Growth this past weekend. The very first Coffee House and Open Mic was a great success! Thank you to Paula McGinnis and Wayne Smith for organizing and attending to the needs for the evening. This event will happen again July 29, so mark your calendar. Reach out to family and friends that you know to come and perform, or you may be ready for prime time yourself! It is a safe venue to step out and share your music, poetry, storytelling, or comedy. Following a successful Friday evening, Sunday was truly amazing….

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Children’s Program Has Restarted

Would you like to dance and play outside with us on Sunday mornings? Here is your opportunity…you are needed! As you may know, we are starting the Sunday morning Children’s Program after a long break. It began June 19 (on Father’s Day!) The first week’s theme was  “Imagine Love.”  We are calling forth volunteers, especially for the first six Sundays, to help us get the program going. If you love children and have some energy to share, would you please sign up? Volunteers may pair up and lead classes or they may assist Ms. Mari on alternate weeks, 9:45-11:15 a.m….

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The Rev. LeRoy Lowell Memorial Men’s Retreat

Friday, October 14-Sunday, October 16 at Ferry Beach Retreat and Conference Center, 5 Broadwalk Drive, Saco, ME 04072 — As our dear brother LeRoy Lowell taught us, it’s good for men to get away from their everyday life and build bonds of friendship that can last a lifetime. I know my life has been greatly enriched from the experience of these retreats, spending time with men, getting to know them and building long-lasting friendships. Although our brother LeRoy is no longer with us in body I feel his Spirit remains in the work he did, and that these opportunities can be…

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