Labyrinths are ancient geometric figures. One leaves one’s worries and stress at the entrance and walks meditatively to the middle. As one walks to the center she/he becomes centered within her/himself, calmer, and more grounded.

For several years Unity had held the vision of building a Labyrinth on our property. That vision came alive! A committee was formed, plans were made, and our LABYRINTH was laid out and built, and was walkable for Sept. 14, 2006, World Day of Prayer.

We had the joy of creating our labyrinth together in community.

Each spring we have the joy of seeing the path emerge after a long winter’s sleep.

Our labyrinth is such a wonderful outer manifestation of who we are as community. Unity was founded and grounded in prayer and living the teachings of Jesus. Out of these teachings came our five Unity principles. As a community we continue to be founded and grounded in prayer and living from these principles together in community and also in our daily lives. Walking the labyrinth is an outer ritual of that way of bringing our prayer consciousness into our world.

We have held several labyrinth activities since its creation. In 2007 we planted a chakra garden around the labyrinth. We have held Sunday services around the labyrinth blending our music and message with the music and message of nature. We have had candlelight walks around the labyrinth after Forgiveness services – walking the path in Oneness.

The labyrinth is walkable from spring through the first snowfall, and all are invited to experience it. It is located in front of the church, next to the parking lot. Picnic tables and benches are located near the labyrinth for resting, meditating, and waiting.

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