June 7 Sunday Service

Phew what a week it has been! We have seen protests happening all across our country and right here in Maine as well. We have had folks from our community participating in the protests and those others of us who have been holding the high watch.

My colleague Rev Leddy Hammock, wrote this in a Facebook post and I want to pass it along as I agree totally…she wrote: “Should we march? Is it safe? Is it right? What signs should we carry?

Our Unity faith tradition is for each person to pray first and then follow inner guidance. Therefore, we will not tell you whether or not to demonstrate for social justice.”

This is in direct alignment with our mission statement, which is “we reach in to reach out” and then take the guidance.

She goes on to say: “Life is consciousness.” Whether we march with our feet or not, we are, most certainly, marching together in consciousness toward change and the journey will reflect the way we think. Emmet Fox taught that it is impossible to have one kind of mind and another kind of life. If we want justice, we must be just. If we want peace, we must be peaceful. Whether we march with our feet or not, we are collectively in shift mode toward a new normal that is necessary, yet not easy. Victor Hugo shared these invigorating words: “There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time has come.” Whether you march or not, do it for love, not fear. Keep an open mind and heart. Whether you speak Truth to power out loud or in the Silence, one thing is for sure: “It’s been a long time comin’, but change is gonna come” (Sam Cooke).

On Sunday evening we had a Zoom call with more than 20 folks from our community discussing how they personally are being impacted by the events of the week and the question posed to them by Ryan Polly, who is new to our community but not new to this work. The question he posed to the group was, “What ways are you holding on to privilege; what ways will you start letting it go?”

As a result of the interest from the group, Ryan has agreed to do a four-week class, Thursday evenings beginning June 25.

We were blessed on Sunday morning with the live appearance (via live stream) of Daniel Nahmod. Daniel has been writing and singing New Thought music for over 20 years. We sing his songs often and it was wonderful having him.

The topic from the series What’s in the way IS the Way was about restoring life to ourselves and others by remembering the truth of our being and our ONENESS.

In this chapter, author Mary O’Malley had a section on the Power of Questions. The question we need to ask ourselves is how we allow a system to continue that doesn’t work for people who are marginalized because of the color of their skin. And it is not working for the Indigenous people in our state as well.

We as a community need to go deeper into asking ourselves how we allow a system to continue that works only for those of us who have privilege. And maybe that is where we need to begin. To ask ourselves if we even realize that we live a privileged life because of the color of our skin.

This leads right back to the question that was asked to the group on Sunday evening… “What ways are you holding on to privilege; what ways will you start letting it go?”

Next Sunday the topic will be “The Healing Power of Curiosity.”

You are a blessing in my life,
Rev. Patricia Bessey

If you are having a birthday in June, I have a gift for you. It is meeting with me and completing an Annual Spiritual Checkup. We can do this by using Zoom, Skype or telephone. Let me know when your birthday is and that you would like to schedule a time to receive your gift. You can contact me here.

For your safety, continue to social distance and wear face masks. The church building remains closed for gatherings of all services and group meetings. All business with the church office needs to be via telephone or email.


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