Heart Thoughts: Rolling Away the Stone

I am reflecting on Sunday’s service and still feeling the wonderful energy that permeated the sanctuary. However, what I realize is missing is the children coming up at the end of the service and sharing what they learned during their time together with all of us. Our children’s program hasn’t been brought back since COVID and I miss their energy. I was talking with someone on Sunday, and they mentioned about the children, and I asked them to hold with me that we would have teachers come forward as that is what is needed. The families are waiting for the children’s program to start up again. If you are reading this and are feeling the nudge from Spirit to step forward, please reach out to me. It just takes one to start the ball rolling.

Mark your calendar for April 30 and come join in with others to spiff up our grounds… Jeff Plumer and his landscaping crew will be here, and many hands make light work. The time will be 9:30 am.

As you are aware this past Sunday was Easter, and the message was a familiar one of rolling away the stone that was at the entrance of the tomb. Going with that theme each person received a stone when they arrived and there was a ritual of releasing. The question asked in meditation was, “What does the stone you roll away represent?” Consider what personal characteristic(s) or behavior you want transmuted, or transformed. This can be fear, doubt, anger, shame, and so on.

Take the rock, and using your breath, blow into it those characteristics that you want transformed.
Name what you desire them to transform into — for instance:
• anger into passion,
• or turmoil into focus,
• anxiety into calm,
• loneliness into belonging.

Slowly and intentionally in your mind speak what the stone is, then take a deep slow breath, and exhale into the rock.

If you choose to do this exercise at home, take the rock out and bury it… that symbolizes you have dropped that area of your life that is holding you back.

Affirm, as you do so, “I am alive and free…”

I am free from the mistakes of the past, free to rise into a new life; free to do, to be, free to glorify God; free from prejudices and prejudgments; free from the old hates and resentments that have held me in bondage; I am stepping into a new level of consciousness. In me the desert can blossom as the rose.

This can be used anytime you are feeling stuck or dead… if you missed the service, you can watch it here.

Next week I will be starting a new series and the title is Million Dollar Spring, based on the book Millionaires of Genesis by Unity prosperity teacher Catherine Ponder. Join me; it is going to be fun.

Have a blessed week!
Rev. Patricia Bessey


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