Heart Thoughts: Life Design

Unity Center for Spiritual Growth was ablaze with heightened spiritual energy on Saturday as the Positive Pathways to Wellness event was held. In the minds and hearts of the practitioners and the participants, it was a great success. From one who attended I got a message saying, “I loved it!” another “interesting, informative and most of all relaxing.” A shout out to Betti Lu Lewis and Catherine Escamilla for their time and energy in pulling this all together. A thank you to Mario Escamilla for the beautiful logo.

After speaking with the practitioners, they are eager to do something similar again after the first of the year. So, stay tuned.

The service on Sunday was another great teaching opportunity from Tony, Frankie and ELF (Eternal Life Force) in Life Doesn’t Have to Be So Hard. We learned about a practice called Life Design which helps you to make an informed decision when you need clarity. It asks you four questions. The first is what I want, and then why do I want it, followed by how will I feel when I get it, and lastly, why do I believe I can have it.

In the message, I take you through where Tony is asking Frankie all these questions and Frankie is giving him the answers. If you missed the service, you can watch it here… I have given you a practice sheet and you can find it here.

The next teaching comes from Abraham Hicks, and it is A Rampage of Appreciation. Frankie explains to Tony the process for this practice. It is to lighten your emotional load. The basic idea is that you can begin with any thought, and slowly massage that thought into a positive vibration. The key point to remember is that you need to be able to feel the energy of the thought that you are thinking and speaking. Just because a thought “sounds good” doesn’t mean it gets you into the right vibration. You need to be able to feel a positive flow of energy and resonance with each thought you think.

You might want to go back and watch this part in the service again… it is so important to feel the energy. The meditation will also serve you to shift some old tapes, or totally eliminate them. As Frankie said, he felt like a 500-pound weight had been removed. Who wouldn’t want that?

Next Sunday, join me as I have a conversation with our speaker and workshop presenter, my friend Betty Crowson, on her new book We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know.

Have a fabulous week and know how much you are loved!

You are a blessing in my life,
Rev. Patricia Bessey

P.S. Just a reminder to take care and pay attention to what your body is telling you. If you feel great join us in person, if you feel not so great join us online.


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