Principles of Prosperity: Thanksgiving

Principles of Prosperity, Thanksgiving: Abundance through Gratitude

Sunday message by Rev. Pat Bessey

This week concluded the series on Prosperity Principles. How fitting to end on Thanksgiving: Abundance through Gratitude. I say this as we had our women’s retreat on Friday and Saturday at Pilgrim Lodge, 44 women attended, and we were overwhelmed with gratitude and thanksgiving. I have no doubt in my mind these women were transformed at depth in a short 24-hour period; if you were to ask them, they would agree with me. One participant wrote on Facebook “I’ve been re-arranged in the nicest of ways.” Another wrote: “My Heart is blown open.”

A hearty THANK YOU to the Retreat Team: Erin Conway, Kim Cowperthwaite, Michelle Neas and Cindy Uhl, and to Rosie Deer Heart for her amazing wisdom and skills as our facilitator. We have all reclaimed our preciousness.

Here are some thoughts to ponder regarding gratitude:

  • “Gratitude is a spiritual enzyme that hastens the fulfillment of your prayer of faith.” — Rev Charles Roth
  • Gratitude can also be translated as grace. The King James Version of Colossians 3:16 says that we are to be “singing with GRACE in our hearts.”
  • Gratitude is an attitude of grace. It means that we can see God’s grace in all things. Gratitude makes you happier and healthier.

Research is showing that gratitude is truly amazing in its physical and psychosocial benefits. Recent studies have concluded that the expression of thanksgiving can have profound and positive effects on our health, our moods and even the survival of our marriages and all other relationships.

There’s an old saying that if you’ve forgotten the language of gratitude, you’ll never be on speaking terms with happiness.

I am inviting you into a gratitude challenge…

For the next 30 days, practice gratitude by keeping a gratitude journal. Record at least five things you are grateful for every day.

At lunch on Sunday, I stopped by the table where the Salois boys were having lunch with their father Steve, who asked Evan (fifth grade), Jake (third grade) and Gabe (first grade) to tell me what they do before going to bed at night. Their answer was to say what they were grateful for. How blessed they are to be getting this teaching at such an early age.

The more grateful you become, the more aware you will become of God as an active presence in your life. Say “thank you God” as often as possible. Write thank-you notes. Give thanks continually. Each day, note a way you practice gratitude.

Here is an affirmation for you:

I open my heart to the Beloved in a spirit of gratitude and thankfulness.
The Beloved fills me with love in overflowing measure.

To listen to Sunday’s message, click here…

You are a blessing in my life.
Rev. Patricia Bessey

Principles of Prosperity: Power

Principles of Prosperity: Power: Abundance through Gratitude

Sunday message by Rev. Pat Bessey

In just a few days, 44 women will be convening for our Women’s Retreat, Reclaiming Your Preciousness, at Pilgrim Lodge. I am so excited and look forward to the program that Rosie Deer Heart has for us. I also look forward to meeting some new friends as well. Not all of the 44 women are from our community.

Men, don’t feel slighted; your retreat is open for registration now. The theme is Discovering and Empowering Your Purpose. Learn more.

The message this past Sunday, in week six of the series Prosperity Principles, is about the power of the spoken word. I asked the question on Sunday: How would you feel if the conversation you were having in your head was suddenly broadcast over a public address system? I am sure you would be embarrassed, even mortified. I know there are times when I would be.

It would be quite revealing, wouldn’t it? And yet, spiritually, that is exactly what happens. Though others may not actually hear the words we say to ourselves, and though we may think that because we have kept it to ourselves no one will ever know what we are actually saying to ourselves, the effects of those words, or vibrations, cannot be hidden.

We live in a universe of vibration. You and I are wavelengths, so to speak. Every thought and every word goes forth with power to affect our lives and the universe. Every day we are choosing our experiences and our life through the words that we speak.

Everything in the universe starts with feeling and emotion. Thinking in your heart is feeling. It is the emotional experience. When we feel, we put it in words. We voice it.

Power of the spoken word is an amazing life-shaping capacity of the mind. The word you speak is creative in nature. We have far greater powers than we sometimes recognize. Every word we speak takes the full energy of who we are and sends it into life. Each word goes out to produce the conditions which correspond to our nature or character at that time. The point is, we can’t be one way and demonstrate another way. What we are is always speaking itself into existence. And it is always coming back to us as experiences, events, and relationships.

This week I invite you to pay attention to your words. Have you listened to yourself lately? First, listen to your inner, silent sound. Then listen to your words, their tones, your moods issuing forth a sound. Listen carefully, because this is your future being formed. You are hearing your future. The quality, the nature of your future is already being determined when you speak.

Your words will become fact. And then you will live in that reality and wonder where it came from. What do you hear when you listen to yourself? Sweetness, love, patience. Do your words really represent you? What do others hear from you? How does your vibration really affect them? Are you music to their ears? Your word is your bond; the universe takes you at your word. There are no idle words. Every word goes forth to do its mighty work.

Next week will conclude this series with “Thanksgiving: Abundance through Gratitude.”

You are a blessing in my life.
Rev. Patricia Bessey

Principles of Proserity: Priorities

Principles of Prosperity, Priorities:  Abundance Through Ordering our Priorities

Sunday message by Rev. Pat Bessey

When I sit down to write my thoughts each week it offers me the opportunity to review Sunday from the review mirror and then decide what is pertinent to share. Today I land on looking at the two services we offer and how grateful I am to have an 8 a.m. service that is contemplative. It is a time of preparation for the rest of the day. If you have not experienced this service, I invite you to do so at least once.

On Sunday we held a quarterly community meeting which was very well attended despite it being a beautiful day. Here is a recap of what the Board shared we are working on:

• We are moving our fiscal year from January – December to September – August. There are various reasons for this but mainly, so we are not trying to close out the year at the same time we are in the midst of the holidays. Also, it will change our annual meeting from February to October beginning in 2020. Your contribution letters will still be on the calendar year.

• An update on Sebago Lakes Region Fuller Center for Housing that we are collaborating with other area churches and Saint Joseph College. The board, which Matt Purinton and I are on, is in the process of becoming an established organization serving Standish, Windham and Raymond with a mission to help the elderly in these areas stay in the home by providing help with home repairs.

Giving Tuesday…if you haven’t heard about it you will in the near future. I will leave it at that.

• Building repairs:

  • We are getting estimates for putting a roof over the door coming into the office area, so we are sheltered from ice buildup on the sidewalk.
  •  A cement slab in front of the main doors to solve the wasp and hornet infestation in the summer
  • Refresh the handicap bathroom
  • Put sound panels in Fellowship Hall to reduce the noise and make it more comfortable to have conversations

• River Road expansion… we will only be losing a couple of smaller trees… everything to the left of the driveway coming in will not be touched.

The message on Sunday was “Priorities: Abundance Through Ordering Our Priorities.” We all have a clear set of priorities, even though we may not be conscious of them. Our order of priorities determines everything in our lives:

• how and where we spend our time and money,
• the people we work, play, live with, and
• the car we drive, the house we live in.

When we really begin to examine our lives and our goals, we begin to see the order of our priorities and are often ready to reorder them. It often happens that our priorities and our goals are not congruent.

Your expenditures of money will always tell you
where your heart is, where your energy is going.

Even though we may not be conscious of our priorities, we know in our hearts what they are, and both our time and money follow the heart. When there is an argument between the head and the heart, the heart wins every time, because the intellect is easily converted to a tool for rationalizing what we want.

Our money and our time follow our priorities. When God is our top priority, we are going to set aside time for prayer, study and meditation. We are going to give to the channel which brings us our spiritual growth. It is just that simple, and that demanding.

Money, like everything else, is a symbol of energy. When our energies are placed on our relationship to God, we prosper naturally and easily.


What is the purpose of tithing? Why should I tithe? Have you ever thought of or asked these questions?

Every individual’s purpose in tithing is to open up his/her awareness of universal laws. Tithing opens you, to you. You are an unlimited individual, deprived of a fuller, richer life partly because of lack of the tithing experience and expression in life. Tithing will help you to truly know yourself. When doing this, remember to rely on God’s ability to provide, not your human ability.

Over and over again in my own experience, and that of others, I have seen how tithing-putting God first, really results in our needs being met. Regular, systematic giving to God first frees us to receive.

“When a person tithes, he is giving continuously, so that no spirit of grasping, no fear, and no thought of limitations get a hold on him. There is nothing that keeps a person’s mind so fearless and so free to receive the good constantly coming to him as the practice of tithing.” — Charles Fillmore, Prosperity (p. 142).

In this week’s message, I shared some of my own experiences with tithing.

Here is a good affirmation to memorize and use when lack shows up, and it will!

The inexhaustible resource of God is equal to every demand.
There is no reality in lack. Abundance is here and now manifest.

Next Sunday’s talk will be Power: Abundance Through the Spoken Word. Join me…

You are a blessing in my life.
Rev. Patricia Bessey

Principles of Prosperity: Life Work

Principles of Prosperity, Life Work: Abundance Through Clarity

Sunday message by Rev. Pat Bessey

It is Sunday afternoon as I am writing this, and we are having a beautiful day; however, it is not so for our sisters and brothers in the Bahama’s. A category 5 hurricane is pounding that island with winds in excess of 185 mph. By the time you read this hurricane Dorian is likely to be off the east coast and our continued prayers are going to be needed.

A shout out to our wonderful congregation for a delicious potluck today. The first Sunday of the month is a potluck and it was wonderful to see the folks coming in carrying crock pots, bakery boxes, and other yummy food. Thank you for stepping up and giving our cooks a Sunday off.

Some Sundays I have a little apprehension about how the message I am giving is going to be received. Today was one of those Sundays. The talk title was “Life Work: Abundance Through Clarity.” The focus was on creating your own mission statement and goals to support the mission. Organizations have learned that having a clearly defined mission statement tend to do better in business than those who do not have a mission statement. This holds true for individuals as well.

Each of us has a mission in life. God longs to express through us, and our mission is the spiritual quality we are here to express. It is the reason we are here. We cannot be truly happy or prosperous unless we are fulfilling our mission. The word “mission” comes from the Latin word which means “sent”. It is God’s message to the world that we are sent here to deliver.

When we are integrated spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally we have our mission clearly in mind; we have our values and priorities in order; we have goals that support our mission and values. The first and vital task is to state clearly and unequivocally what we believe to be our life’s mission.

Your mission statement should answer these questions:
Why am I here?
What gifts am I here to give?
What is God’s mission for me?

This is something you know deep within yourself and bringing it to your conscious mind is a remembering. When you have written your mission, read the sentence you have written at least once each day. If it does not feel right, tweak it until it rings true.

When you have formulated your life’s mission, it is time to discover your life’s work. Your life’s work must support your mission. Your life’s work is the way, the channel, for giving your gifts to the world. A way to discover your life work is to ask God in prayer to reveal to you your life work. “Ask and you shall receive,” holds true here as everywhere.

This requires listening carefully, attentively, sincerely. It requires that you stop intellectualizing about what you have trained for, your age, status, economic limitations, employment, experience. When you stop intellectualizing, you can feel when something is right.

Here is a good exercise…each morning for 30 days respond to this question, “If I could do anything, how would I spend this day?”

This is a very revealing exercise because it unshackles you from the ties you think you have. It allows your imagination to roam free and gets you in touch with your true dreams, desires, joys.

Now to add goals to your mission and life work click here to listen to the complete Sunday message which includes S.M.A.R.T. goals…

Join us next Sunday for “Priorities: Abundance through Ordering Our Priorities,” and following the service we will have a community meeting.

You are a blessing in my life.
Rev. Patricia Bessey


Principles of Prosperity: Freedom

“Principles of Prosperity: Freedom: Making Room for Abundance” —

Third in a series of Sunday messages by Rev. Pat Bessey

I am not much for celebrations and often times major events slip right by me like the one I am going to share has… I realized this morning that on August 7, 2011 I started my journey as the lead minister here at Unity Center for Spiritual Growth. If I have done the math correctly, I am entering my ninth year. Wow!

The Levins

We had a rocking Sunday. The energy in the building was electric. The Levins, Ira and Julia, provided us with great music along with our own very talented Deana Gurney. We celebrated with Selma, a resident of Westbrook who passed her citizenship test this past week; we had prayed for her success the Sunday before.
Lunch was delicious… a shout out to Anna, Jody, Dee, Michelle, Ken and Martha for a great job in the kitchen.

The talk’s focus was “Making Room for Abundance.”

“Holding a grudge doesn’t make you strong; it makes you bitter. Forgiving doesn’t make you weak; it sets you free.” — Dave Willis

The topic was forgiveness… the only way to create a clear channel for good in our lives is to forgive.

Forgiveness is a six-step process. The first two steps are intellectual, while the other four are emotional.


Acknowledging our own humanity means recognizing the ways we have been inconsistent with our highest and best potential. Forgiveness of self comes in acknowledging our humanity…we make mistakes…we fall short of the mark…


When we recognize our own humanity and that of others, we can take the next step and acknowledge the divinity of all people. This is simply recognizing the truth about ourselves and others. This is easy to do, intellectually. “I am a child of God; every person is a child of God”.


There is a universal longing, a hunger in every human soul for forgiveness; both to be able to give it, and to receive it. Remember, you can play judge and jury just as long as you want. It will not have the slightest effect on the other person. Just being willing to forgive is a big step, because forgiving can be very difficult. Your prosperity can wait until you are ready.


We tend to build walls around our wounds, separating them as far as possible from our active emotions. Remember, you can play judge and jury just as long as you want. It will not have the slightest effect on the other person…Just being willing to forgive is a big step, because forgiving can be very difficult.


There will be many next times because we are alive and human and will always have lessons and challenges and because we live in the world, and we are not the only person thinking on this planet. Because we are irrevocably linked with all others, we are influenced by their thoughts and emotions.

Collective consciousness is very powerful when we allow it to be. The wonderful thing is, that when we practice forgiveness regularly, daily, we are cleansing not only our own mind but the collective consciousness of all people everywhere, making it easier and easier for others to join us in this great enterprise.


“We must forgive as we would be forgiven. To forgive does not simply mean to arrive at a place of indifference to those who do personal injury to us; it means far more than this. To forgive is to give for — to give some actual, definite good in return for evil given.” — H. Emilie Cady

Replacing the resentment with love is a vital part of the forgiveness process, moving your soul from being a junk heap of old pain to being a holy place of God.
Nothing is lost. All the good the Universe wants to give you will come to you when you make room for it.


God is the love in which I forgive you

God is the love in which I forgive myself

I lovingly and joyously bring this love alive in the world.

This coming Sunday, Debra Engle will be back with us at the 10 a.m. service. Deb was well received last year, and we look forward to seeing her again.

You are a blessing in my life.
Rev. Patricia Bessey