Tales that Teach – The Parable of the Sower

Have you noticed how many people are vying for your attention? I am sure your inbox is as full as mine with webinars, self-help podcasts and a slew of other opportunities. Some of them I delete before even opening them… especially the ones that say, “don’t delete before you read.” Others I open and for a minute or so decide what my response is going to be to the request. Often if it is a subject I am interested in, and they offer to send the recording even if you don’t attend, I might sign up for it.

When I step back and look at how I respond to the many opportunities presented I understand that you may be doing the same thing. Then I feel a sense of gratitude that we are now livestreaming our Sunday Celebration service and that you can access it at any time. It certainly isn’t the same experience as what actually being present in the sanctuary is; however, it is a best second place. It isn’t the same as having a cup of coffee following the service and catching up with someone you haven’t seen in a very long time. It isn’t the same as browsing in the Unity Book and Gift Store where you find the next book to read or a gift for a friend. It isn’t the same as taking time before or after the service and walking the labyrinth. I know when the time is right Spirit will nudge you to walk through the doors and find YOUR seat in the sanctuary. Until then let us know you are with us by commenting in the chat box even if you are watching it at another time.

We continued with the Tales That Teach and this week it was the parable of The Sower. I enjoyed sharing this parable because for me it reaffirms God’s love for his children. It doesn’t matter what you have done; you are never excluded from God’s love. The focus of this parable was on the Sower, which is God. Metaphysically looking at this parable, the seed is the word of the Kingdom. This word is that we become aware of our Oneness with God created with Divine potential. That not only do we have faith in God, but we have faith in ourselves as well. Our mind is like the soil. We all are at different places in consciousness, which is represented by the different types of soil the seed landed on.

I am going to cut to the chase here and say this parable is simple and to the point; we were created with Divine potential, and it’s our choice to live and move through the world on rocky soil or raise our consciousness and become the fertile soil where truth principle grows abundantly and effortlessly!

Next week is a familiar parable, that of the Samaritan; join me as we experiment with Coffee Hour in person or online!

You are a blessing in my life,
Rev. Patricia Bessey

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