Navigating Struggle, Uncertainty and Crisis, Part 7

Leadership Series for Navigating Struggle, Uncertainty and Crisis, Part 7: Self Worth
with Rev. Pat Bessey

Giving Tuesday is November 30 this year. It follows Black Friday and Cyber Monday and, because Thanksgiving is early, so is Giving Tuesday. This is the third year we will be participating in Giving Tuesday and once again we know that

“The Inexhaustible Resource of Spirit is equal to every demand. There is no reality in lack. Abundance is here and now manifest.”

Last year we raised $15,000, and we have benefited from your generosity every week when we are in the building and use the beautiful, refurbished restrooms. This year once again we are asking for your financial support of $15,000 to redo the front roof of the building. We are in the process of acquiring quotes and, although we have received quotes higher than $15,000, we know that we will get a quote to match the money we raise.

Once we redo the roof there will no longer be any major renovations needed for several years. We have been excellent stewards of our property.

The service on Sunday got a lot of comments on how much folks needed to hear what I had to say. We were on the seventh non-physical need, “self-worth” I began the talk with a poem called My Body by John Roedel, who is a brilliant poet. Check out some of his other poems at I concluded with another great poet, John O’Donovan, and his poem For Solitude.

I don’t usually encourage you to review the talk if you have either been in person or online on Sunday; however, this is a strong suggestion that you can watch it above.

Here is the exercise from Paul for this week as you explore self-worth.

1. What are some ways to develop secure and reliable self-worth within ourselves? In what ways can people feed their need for self-worth in ways that are less secure and less reliable?

2. What specific practices can we use to help reinforce the ground of self-worth in others? How can these practices be used by leaders, parents, and friends?

3. Our non-physical needs are interconnected, similar to how our organs in our body are interconnected. Our non-physical needs can be thought of as metaphorical organs that need proper nutrition and can affect each other. How can our other non-physical needs, such as purpose and meaning, nurturing relationships, explanations, expression, inspiration, and belonging, affect our non-physical need for self-worth?

I also offered a teaching from Unity on the three phases of mind. Here are definitions that may help you have a greater understanding.

“In Truth there is but one Mind; in it all things exist. Accurately speaking, man does not have three minds, nor does he have even one mind; but he expresses the one Mind in a multitude of ways.” (Charles Fillmore, Christian Healing, p. 97)

“When we seek the superconsciousness and make conscious connection with it we harmonize all the forces of mind and body; we lift up the subconscious until a complete, conscious unification of the three phases of mind is affected and we become established in ‘singleness of heart.'” (Keep a True Lent, p. 92)

“Conscious mind — The mind that makes one know of one’s mental operations and states of consciousness; that phase of mind in which one is actively aware of one’s thoughts. The mind through which man establishes his identity.” (The Revealing Word, Conscious, p. 41)

“The subconscious mind is the vast, silent realm that lies back of the conscious mind and between it and the superconscious. To one who does not understand its nature and its office, it is the ‘great gulf fixed’ between his present state and the attainment of his highest desire, his good.” (Keep a True Lent, p. 87)

“Superconsciousness is the goal toward which humanity is working. Regardless of appearances there is an upward trend continually active throughout all creation. The superconsciousness is the realm of divine ideas. Its character is impersonal. It therefore has no personal ambitions; knows no condemnation; but is always pure, innocent, loving, and obedient to the call of God.” (Atom-Smashing Power of Mind. p. 36)

Next week the non-physical need will be “challenge.”

November is gratitude month, so you will find a gratitude quote on our Facebook page every day leading up to Thanksgiving. I suggest you create a gratitude journal to record in daily.

You are a blessing in my life,
Rev. Patricia Bessey

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