Navigating Struggle, Uncertainty and Crisis, Part 5

Leadership Series for Navigating Struggle, Uncertainty and Crisis, Part 5: Inspiration
with Rev. Pat Bessey

A huge thank you to all who attended our Annual Meeting on Sunday. To those who were unable to attend because of an incorrect password, my apologies. Here are the minutes from the meeting for you to see what was discussed. 

As you will see, it was asked when we would bring the children’s program back. Although this is discussed at each board meeting, what we do have to have in place before that can happen are volunteers who are willing to teach. Also, someone to take the lead. If you are inspired to work with our little people, please let me know. This is a great opportunity to give of your time and be the role model that Paul refers to when talking about the children.

I think all who attended would say that the meeting energy was a 10. A lot of gratitude was expressed for how well our community has made it through the pandemic so far. Matt Purinton, Barbara Kowalska and Pat Paine stepped off the board and each was honored for their leadership during these extraordinary times. We enthusiastically welcomed Sue Vittner, Betti Lu Lewis, Carol Holt, and Jack Cole to take us through the next year and beyond. Please stay connected as we navigate the shifting landscape going forward.

To those of you who are members, it is time to renew your membership. 

I hope you are enjoying the series on non-physical needs as much as I am. This past Sunday was the non-physical need of “inspiration.”

I shared the story of how Unity got its name. It was a moment of inspiration that came to co-founder Charles Fillmore. Here is what happened… In the spring of 1891, Charles and Myrtle Fillmore and a few students met together one evening to pray. As they were sitting in the silence, suddenly into the mind of Charles Fillmore flashed the name UNITY. At the moment, he had not even been thinking about a name and when it came to him it startled him. “That’s it!” he cried out. “UNITY!” he told the others. “UNITY! that’s the name for our work, the name we’ve been looking for.” Later he told friends the name came right out of the ether, just as the voice of Jesus was heard by Paul in the heavens. “No one else heard it, but it was as clear to me as though somebody had spoken to me.” Then and there the name UNITY was adopted. (James Dillet Freeman, in The Story of Unity, p. 61)

Paul K. Chappell, who is the author of a book about these non-physical needs, gives us an exercise to do. Here is what he suggests… As your exercise for this week, think of a time when someone inspired you because their words or actions expressed one or more of the following: realistic hope and high ideals, appreciation and stewardship, conscience, reason, discipline, curiosity that enhances learning, imagination and vision, language and skilled truth-telling, or empathy and solidarity. This week you can also exercise your muscle of appreciation by expressing your appreciation to this person for inspiring you. If this person is no longer alive, express your appreciation by writing something about this person.

On Sunday afternoon I got an email from Deana Gurney, our music director, and she told me she is inspired to offer the Friday Night Sing-Alongs once again. They will begin on Friday, October 29.

This is how inspiration works.

Next week the non-physical need we will be exploring is “belonging.” See you then!

You are a blessing in my life,
Rev. Patricia Bessey

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