Living Originally: Unlimited Forgiveness

For all its challenges and heartache COVID 19 has had some benefits. It has shown us how resilient we are and has forced us to think outside the box. I am happy to say that we have some class offerings that I am excited about and are offering out of the box opportunities. I am not only excited about the material but that we will be sharing them with folks from ministries outside of our own. Rev Airin Wolf will begin a series with Rev Edwene Gaines book, The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity on May 5. These four laws are tithing, goal setting, forgiveness, and divine purpose. Rev Airin is offering this to not only our community but to Unity of the Seacoast in Dover, NH.

I will be offering a Wednesday evening class as well beginning on May 19, titled Unity from the Inside Out. This class will cover discussions about the nature of God and humankind, denials and affirmations, affirmative prayer and more. Joining us will be folks from Unity of Syracuse in Syracuse, NY.

To register for either class scroll down to the class description and the registration information.

Unlimited Forgiveness was the message I gave on Sunday. It is Principle #3 from the book Living Originally. The feedback I received has been positive and one person said, “thank you bunches, I got it and have a way to go.” Another sent a text saying, “I need to listen to it again.”

If I have a soapbox forgiveness, is it. I know how valuable it has been in my life. You don’t have two former husbands and not have forgiveness work to do. I can not stress enough that forgiveness is not for the other person it is for you. As author Rev Robert Brumet says, “Forgiveness has no limitations, no conditions and no strings attached. It does not depend on whether or not forgiveness is deserved or whether the perpetrators show remorse for what happened or even for what their intent might have been. It is not a favor or a blessing we bestow upon another; it is a blessing we bestow upon ourselves.”

Here are 7 Steps of the Forgiveness Practice:
1. Awareness of the need to forgive
2. Be willing to forgive
3. Ask for help from your Higher Power
4. Give up condemnation
5. Face and feel the underlying pain
6. Know the truth
7. Rinse and repeat

Be patient with yourself…the more intense the pain the deeper the healing…the deeper the healing the more time it will take…to get the full understanding of each step listen the Sunday message here.

Forgiveness may not come easy, but most of the time we will never know why people behave as they do and we don’t need to in order to forgive. Forgiveness always begins with a choice to forgive – whether we understand their behavior or not. When we were able to forgive, it does not make us morally Superior or a better person. But it will make us a much happier person. Forgiveness is always its own reward.

Here is a meditation from Robert Brumet on Unlimited Forgiveness…

Next week the message will be Universal Benevolence.

You are a blessing in my life,
Rev. Patricia Bessey


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