Living Originally: Living in the Heart of Desire

I am excited we will be hosting Rev. Robert Brumet next Sunday. Robert is the author of Living Originally, the book that I have been using for the Sunday messages.

I mentioned last week that June 6 was my 25th anniversary of being ordained. Robert was one of my instructors while I was in ministerial school. He was also my prayer partner, so I am extremely fond of him and look forward to having you meet him. If you would like to learn more about Robert before next week, visit his website.

Living in the heart of desire, Practice 9 of Living Originally, was the topic for Sunday’s message. Brumet writes: “None of us are strangers to feeling desire, and for some of us, certain desires have caused problems in our lives. However, this practice is much more than simply feeling how much or how often we desire something. To fully understand the nature and purpose of this practice, we need to unpack the term desire and its implication in our lives.

To experience desire fully, without attachment to outcome, is to allow life to express itself through you unfettered and unfiltered by past conditioning.

I shared this video by Michael Stone that debunks the myths of non-attachment which is needed to live from the heart of desire. 

Non-Attachment is living fully engaged and intimately alive in the flow of the interconnectedness of life. We learn everything leans into everything else.

As we lean into non-attachment, we become aware of our personal agendas and how they keep us hooked into attachment. It is in releasing these attachments we receive the gift of freedom. We experience everything in the moment without attachment. We experience the true nature of our environment and of those around us.

To learn the difference between living in the heart of desire and living in the heart of mind, watch the message at the top of this post.

Listen to the meditation for this week’s message by Robert Brumet.

On another note, we will be reopening to in-person services on June 20. We will be offering an online service as well; however, we don’t have the exact time or day as of this writing. We expect to let you know next week when that will be. We will also have the in-person guidelines for you next week as well.

You are a blessing in my life,
Rev. Patricia Bessey

P.S. Masks are optional; however, we are asking non–vaccinated people to please wear a mask. We will have a section for social distancing, and children are welcome in the service. There will be no Children’s Church at this time. Hospitality will consist of coffee and tea.


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