Heart Thoughts: You Came Here to Have Fun

Lots to tell you about today! The Living True to You Women’s Retreat is filling up fast. The cut-off will be at 40. You don’t want to miss this time to connect with women you know and those you don’t know yet. It is going to be a fun event, and who doesn’t need fun in their life? The retreat will feed you on so many levels so join us

Another exciting event is happening on the heels of the women’s retreat. It is the Positive Pathways to Wellbeing. It will be on November 5. This is the first event of this kind at Unity Center for Spiritual Growth, and we are very excited. We have eight professionals who will be offering their services to you. Register here.

We are also inviting six people into service on that day to support this event. If you would like to step into service, please contact us.

There are other events happening as well, so check them out. I would love for some of you to join Steph Plourde and me for the Women Writing for Spiritual Exploration group starting on October 12 at 6:30 p.m. This is going to be an opportunity for you to listen to your higher self without censuring your thoughts.

Sunday we continued with the series from the book Life Doesn’t Have To Be So Hard and Concept #3 – Realizing: You Came Here Primarily To Have Fun.

Has this been your experience…

In this section, Frankie is talking with ELF (Eternal Life Force) and asking how did he get to be human? ELF responds because he asked to come to earth. From the vantage point of being in non-physical form, life on earth looked like a lot of fun.

The conversation shifted to: Do people have to have the same interests to have a good relationship, and ELF said this: “Each of you came here for different reasons, and there is never any need to convince anyone else that he or she should enjoy what you enjoy.”

Then from Frankie came, what happens when I die, and before ELF can answer, he realizes he never dies; he just changes form.

ELF says: There is no such thing as death; there is only transformation from one form of life to another. Eternal life is cyclical, the same way the never-ending water supply is cyclical. Sometimes you are having an earthly experience and sometimes you are not.

Then came the discussion regarding judgment day and heaven and hell. Here is where you will want to watch the service (if you haven’t already) to hear what ELF shares with Frankie. Watch it here.

I have heard from many of you that you are enjoying this series, and I am enjoying bringing it to you. Next Sunday we continue with Concept  No. 3. Please join me either in person or online.

You are a blessing in my life,
Rev. Patricia Bessey

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