Heart Thoughts: What We Really Are

The book discussions for The Trust Frequency in the Tuesday morning group will conclude soon. We’ve been engaged with this book since mid-September, meeting on Zoom from 10:30 a.m. to noon. Starting on February 13, we’ll embark on a new journey with Healing Conversation Now: Enhance Relationships with Elders and Dying Loved Ones, written by our own Joan Chadbourne, who is an integral part of our book group. Having the author among us as we explore the new book adds a special dimension. Registration is necessary.

The Sunday morning series featuring Supercharged Self-Healing is off to an energetic beginning. The feedback from this past Sunday’s session was filled with enthusiasm for the presented material. The concepts being shared have the potential to bring about life-changing transformations for those willing to embrace change.

The author RJ Spina, who was in the hospital, paralyzed from the chest down, opens this chapter called “Understanding the Invincible Total You” with this statement: “My body is paralyzed but what I am is not.” That was the realization that allowed him to transcend limitations and enter a state of consciousness where he knew how to heal himself.

Here are a few other nuggets to take away from this message…

• Self – is the screen of consciousness and whose fabric is our individual depth of love and wisdom, is what I am, eternally am. It’s what we all are, love and wisdom, along with a complement or body of energy we are given.

• Ego/Mind/Identity – the “who” we think we are… this belief-based egoic identity is a limitation program that runs by thinking. It is the false character we create, which only thinks and feels in context to its beliefs and attachments.

• Sentience The Self – what we really are… timeless wisdom and unconditional love. A fractal of God/Creator/Source.

This is the takeaway from this chapter:

You are eternal and immortal creative observer of the perpetual flow of change. You are not the physical body and what it experiences, nor are you the thoughts, feelings, or analysis of the constant stream of phenomena. You only “think” you are because your belief-based egoic identity runs a limitation program called thinking that includes identifying with the physical body itself. This misunderstanding makes you believe that you are your body and your false identity. It is only your belief in the authenticity of your created identity that makes it real.

Join me next week as we “Access the Magic of Our Imagination.”

You are a blessing in my life.
Rev. Patricia Bessey

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