Heart Thoughts: Welcome Rivera Sun

We have a big Sunday planned to celebrate the 53rd Anniversary Earth Day Celebration. It begins with our guest speaker Rivera Sun. If you Google Rivera you will read that she is a change-maker, a cultural creative, a protest novelist and an advocate for nonviolence and social justice. She is just the person you want to hear from when it comes to the environment.

Rivera Sun

This is not her first time with us, and we are excited to welcome her back. She and Mari, our Youth Education Director have been working together on a project for the last few months. Rivera’s latest book series Ari Ara blends fantasy and adventure with social justice issues in unstoppable stories that will make you cheer. I know what my summer reading will be. I have read several of Rivera’s books and they never disappoint me.

Rivera will be doing some storytelling with the children following the service during the Earth Day celebration. Bring your children and grandchildren as well as the child in you for this fun event. Oh, did I mention we will also have a potluck lunch!

Speaking of potluck…there is interest in bringing back lunches on Sunday. We have a couple of folks who are committed to cooking; however, we need others for setting up and cleaning up as well. If you would like to commit to a Sunday or two a month (a great way to commit to being here on Sunday) please reach out to me.

It’s Not Your Money is the new series of talks that began last Sunday. The author, Tosha Silver, has done a wonderful job of bringing everything back to Source. Yes, even my money. Notice I said “my” money. An easy way we can begin to make the shift from holding on and grasping to offering is by simply substituting the word “the” in place of “my.” Say each of these sentences using “my” and then repeat again using “the” and notice the energy difference.

• I am concerned about my health.
• I am paying all my medical expenses.
• My family looks to me for everything.

Tosha says we are taught in our Western culture to think of my money, my body, my partner, my happiness…the trance of “my” is king. However here is the catch: If it all belongs to you (the ego), the burden is all yours as well.

With the simple substitution of the, grasping softens and offering begins. (Pg 23)

In this talk the following are addressed: Divine Source; Doership; Offering; Prarabdha Karma. Also is the Abundance Change Me Prayer. The request of you, is from now until the end of June when the series completes, will you join me in saying it daily. Get your copy here.

On April 30 I will bring to you The 5 Divine Steps. “Be the One that changes everyone’s luck when you walk into a room.” Attributed to Hafiz

If you missed the service on Sunday, you can watch it here.

You are a blessing in my life,
Rev. Patricia Bessey

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