Heart Thoughts: We Came Here to Have Fun!

Here we are in mid-October and the sun is setting earlier and the nights are getting colder, but the warmth from this community continues to remind me how loved and taken care of I am and I hope it is the same for you.

I am once again highlighting the upcoming activities that are soul-nourishing for you. Marketing experts say it takes 7 – 12 messages before someone will act… so be the exception of the rule and take time right now and register for one or more of the events coming up.

Tonight begins the Women Writing for Spiritual Exploration at 6:30. This is going to be a unique format that I think you will enjoy. There is still time to register.

Silent Saturday is this Saturday. If you have never experienced it, I highly recommend you go for at least an hour.

We are a little over a week away from the women’s retreat. The energy is mounting, and I can only say you will be in for a treat…starting with a potluck on Friday night and then Saturday will be fulfilling our mission of education, service and creating community. Sue Vittner will be leading us through some processes to better understand our human design. So here is where the education comes in; the service is we are all there to be in service to each other and in so doing we are creating community.

If you haven’t already registered, you best do so now! If you need your human design chart, go to www.jovianarchive.com.

Another exciting event is happening on the heels of the women’s retreat. It is the Positive Pathways to Wellbeing. It will be on November 5. This is a first event of this kind at Unity Center for Spiritual Growth, and we are very excited. We have eight professionals who will be offering their services to you. Here is the link to register.

We are also inviting six people into service on that day to support this event. If you would like to step into service, please contact us.

The teachings from the message on Sunday once again were important to help us realize that life doesn’t have to be so hard. We are working with the concept that we came here primarily to have fun. ELF gives Tony a lesson in knowing there is no separation between ELF (Eternal Life Force) and us. We are contiguous energy that’s visible and invisible at the same time.

ELF now explains to Tony how he speaks to him through his feelings… “When you are thinking about, talking about, or taking an action toward what you want, you will experience good feelings, and those good feelings will draw you toward everything you ask for.

“In the same way whenever you are thinking about, talking about, or taking action toward something you don’t want, what will happen… you will feel bad, and then those bad feelings will draw you toward exactly what you don’t want…

If you have bad feelings how much attention do you give them… on a scale of 1 – 10… 1 being not at all to 10 being obsessing over rate yourself.

If you have good feelings how much attention do you give them… on a scale of 1 – 10… 1 being not at all 10 being obsessing over them… rate yourself.

Have you ever changed your mind about doing something based on your internal feelings?

How likely are you to do that going forward?

You may get your answers in dreams… pay attention to your dreams.

Have you thought any more about why we chose to come into this lifetime and what happens when we leave this body behind…

Will you make it a practice to remember that ELF is always available…

And lastly, but most importantly, think the thoughts that make you feel good… to review the message, or if you missed it, you can watch it here.

Have a fun week!

You are a blessing in my life,
Rev. Patricia Bessey

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