Heart Thoughts: We Are Not Our Experiences

Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of attending the Silent Retreat, an experience I always cherish. This time, we chose a new venue for our retreat, and it proved to be an excellent choice. Thirteen of us participated, with some attendees experiencing their first silent retreat. As Sunday approached and it was time to bid farewell, we found ourselves reluctant to part ways. Despite maintaining silence for the majority of the time, a profound bond formed among us. I urge you to mark your calendars for our next Silent Retreat, scheduled for November 8 – 10, 2024.

A special thank you to Barbara Kowalska and Kim Cowperthwaite for the wonderful job they did on Sunday. Rev. Barbara offered Sunday’s message on “The Neverending Story,” which she explained is the story of evolution of our own consciousness, the evolution of human consciousness, the evolution of life that began at the Big Bang and continues to this day. As we have evolved our own consciousness it has become part of the evolution of human consciousness. Reading from RJ Spina’s Supercharged Self-Healing, she reminded us that we are not our experiences; we are the individual expression of the Presence that perceives our experiences.

She also read from Rev. Linda Martella-Whitsett’s How to Pray Without Talking to God, an example of how Unity has deepened in understanding as it grows in consciousness, now focusing on living from the Presence within each of us. Martella-Whitsett shared a classic prayer from Charles Fillmore and then a consciously updated version by Rev. Paul Hasselbeck, a contemporary Unity minister. Here are both versions to feel in to:

I AM now in the presence
of pure Being,
and immersed in the Holy Spirit
of life, love, and wisdom.
I acknowledge Thy presence
and Thy power, O blessed Spirit;
in Thy divine wisdom now erase my
mortal limitations
and from Thy pure substance of
love bring into manifestation
my world, according to
Thy perfect law.

I AM the presence of pure being
Emanating the Whole Spirit of life, love, and Wisdom.
I AM all that God is expressing from the point of me.
I AM Presence and Power of blessed Spirt
As I express Divine wisdom,
All thoughts of mortal limitation have no Power over me.
I AM the substance and power of pure Love
Bringing into manifestation my world according to divine law.

Throughout her talk, Barbara invited choosing to embrace our Divine identity. Writing our story anew. Choosing to be the magnificence we truly are. You can view Barbara’s sharing in its entirety here.

A gentle reminder that on Friday evening Kirtan will be happening at Unity. This is a time to be in the presence of Pure Being. It is a time to express life, love, and wisdom through the beautiful music being provided.

Know that you are so very loved and appreciated.

You are a blessing in my life,
Rev. Patricia Bessey


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