Heart Thoughts: Threefold Healing

It was so nice to be back with you all this past Sunday. Having two weeks away was nice and there is no place like being with your community. A mighty thank you to Barbara Kowalska, Kim Cowperthwaite, and Matt Purinton for feeding my sheep while I was away.

I am putting out a call to all of you who live in our area and love to sing to join Deana for choir practice next Sunday at 8:45 until 9:30 a.m. I would love to see the platform filled to overflowing with your beautiful voices. We have purchased a new microphone to pick up all the voices, so we are ready for you… now you just show up!

The service on Sunday was focused on Myrtle Fillmore’s Threefold Healing that she writes about in Letters of Myrtle Fillmore, 1936. Her signature affirmation is: I am a child of God and therefore I do not inherit sickness.

She also stated this: The power that created you is always at work to restore you and to maintain you in wholeness.

From Healing Letters and the chapter on Threefold Healing, Myrtle is responding to a letter and says:

This health law is threefold: spiritual, keeping a person assured of his God-given freedom from all anxiety and worry and fear and lack; mental, giving him the intelligence that enables him always to do that which promotes health and success; physical, forming those habits which keep him making the right use of all his faculties, and powers, and the life energy and substance.

There is a tendency these days to disregard the harmonious combination of these three elements, one person being very careful to observe the spiritual, another being attentive to the mental, and a third seeking to accomplish results through the physical. Our work is to unify these three and to bring our students into the understanding application of the Truth of being.

One who remembers and lives by the spiritual promises of the law of health will not worry, or seek to manage other people’s affairs, or neglect to feed his own soul with that which is necessary to keep it unfolding Christward.

One who is aware of the mental side of his health seeks to keep himself free from the limitations of the race mind, the opinions and demands of others, the depressions and hurried attitudes that keep the Christ ideas from finding perfect expression through his thoughts and acts.

One who is determined that his physical life shall show forth the peace and order of the spiritual reality and the divine intelligence is considerate of his body, and careful in his demands upon it. He sees to it that he understands the physical requirements and that he meets these thoughtfully and lovingly every day.

If you missed the service, you can view it here.

During meditation I used several affirmations that you may want to record in your own voice and listen to daily. They are:

• The miracle power of Jesus Christ is actively at work in my mind, body, and affairs now.
• The healing power of Jesus Christ surges through me, raising me up to perfect health.
• I now consciously release mental patterns within me that could express as disease in any way.
• I am a perfect reflection of God in every moment and all my cells replicate in Divine right order.
• My mind is open, my heart is receptive to the miracles that are flowing freely for me.
• I Am energized, alive and filled with radiant health.
• I recognize my body as a wondrous and magnificent machine, and I feel privileged to live in it.
• I participate in the healing of my whole being.
• Taking care of my body, mind and spirit is an act of grace.
• I am transformed by the renewing of my mind.
• I allow the light of the Spirit to enter my consciousness.

I look forward to being with you next week as we begin a new series using the book Dare to Be Yourself by Alan Cohen.

You are a blessing in my life,
Rev. Patricia Bessey

Beginning in September

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