Heart Thoughts: The Cocoon

Another glorious summer day in Maine as I write to you this morning. You know it is summer in Maine when fresh vegetables start showing up as they did on Sunday from our own garden. It was a treat to see zucchinis and green peppers on the table for the taking.

On Friday evening will be the celebration of Rev. LeRoy with a fire circle and drumming… please join us if you can… come for whatever amount of time you have available. We will be there from 7:30 to 10 p.m. (if folks stay that long). Please bring a lawn chair so you will be comfortable… there will be snacks and drinks and of course S’mores. Children are welcome as are well-behaved dogs.

I know when I have delivered a message that strikes home with folks because you send me a text or email and tell me. This past Sunday was one of those messages. Continuing with the book The Third Coming by Rev. Jim Rosemergy, the topic was the cocoon.

A cocoon state is a deep state of transformation. There are a few ways of entering. It can be from a tragedy or trauma that occurs either suddenly or over time.

The cocoon stage gives us time to catch up with what has happened.

What I presented were three stages of the cocoon. You might have others, or these might resonate with you.

Stage1 Dissolving – We may feel that everything is falling apart, that we’re losing everyone and everything.

Dissolving feels like death, because it is — it’s the demise of the person we’ve been.

Stage 2 Imagining – This is when the part of you that knows your destiny, the imago in your psyche, will begin giving you instructions about how to reorganize the remnants of your old identity into something altogether different.

Stage 3 Reforming – You’ll feel motivated to do real, physical things to build a new life. And then you’ll fail. Re-forming your life, like anything new, complex, and important, inevitably brings up problems you didn’t expect.

Stage 4 Flying – This stage demands the ingenuity of Thomas Edison and the tenacity of a pit bull.
• Expect things to go wrong
• Be willing to start over
• Revisit phase 2 – go back to intention setting… use your power of imagination
• Persist

This is the payoff, the time when your new identity is fully formed and able to fly.
• Enjoy
• Make small improvements

Know that now you have the formula as other changes show up and they are certainly going to. You have the map to move you onward.

There is a lot more, so if you missed the service, you can watch it here.

Next week is the “Power of Silence.”

Have a fabulous week… enjoy summer… we wait for it for a very long time…

You are a blessing in my life,
Rev. Patricia Bessey

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