Heart Thoughts: The 5 Divine Steps

Happy May… May is my favorite month for many reasons but mostly because it is my birthday month. I love that I get to start another year around the sun. I love to see how nature gifts me with so much beauty. The trees are leafing out, the rhododendrons are blooming, new life is springing up from the ground and I am curious to see what it is that will be showing itself.

New life is springing up at Unity as well. Lunches are coming back. This Sunday is a potluck and then we have lunch covered for the second and fourth Sundays. We are still asking for help with side dishes and desserts. Also for setup and cleanup. I am confident that this will all fall into place and that everything will be in perfect order. What is most important is for folks to feel welcomed and connected.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the labyrinth celebration on Saturday. Walk as One at 1 p.m. People all over the world will be celebrating this event with us. Please invite your loved ones… this is a wonderful way to introduce friends and family to our community. The meeting time is 12:45 p.m.

This past Sunday we moved to chapter 2 in the book It’s Not Your Money by Tosha Silver. The lesson was on The Five Divine Steps. The steps are as follows and you are being asked to cultivate the habit of these steps over the next nine weeks.

Step 1 – Say the full Abundance Change Me Prayer daily and let it soak into your consciousness like a tea bag in a hot cup of water.

Step 2 – Start to clean your house.

An important part of opening to receive is making room. When you release “clutter,” you create the space for something new to come.

Step 3 – Stop complaining about money.

Whether your tendency is to complain to yourself or to others, just STOP for these weeks. Pay attention to your words… take a break from scarcity language… not only around money but also around other areas (e.g., I am so tired… I have so much to do). When you do this, you create space for a new, more abundant existence.

Step 4 – Make a Statement of Gratitude

Every day find one thing you’re grateful for. This doesn’t entail hours… just one small thing – hot coffee, the comfort of your slippers, a bird outside the window.

Step 5 – It’s Easy for Me to Receive

Every day say… It’s easy for me to receive. My favorite line from the Abundance Change Me Prayer is …Let me feel wildly open to receiving.

These 5 Divine Steps will change your life. If you don’t want things in your life to change then, please don’t do them!!!

Here is the Change Me Abundance prayer as well as a workbook to track what is new and sprouting up in you…

Have a blessed week. This Sunday Matt Purinton will be sharing the message as I am at the Silent Retreat. Yay for me…
my birthday present to myself.

You are a blessing in my life.
Rev. Patricia Bessey


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