Heart Thoughts: Soaring Into 2024!

It is happening! As I am writing this on Tuesday morning, the solar panel crew is at the church beginning the installation. This is so exciting. What a wonderful way for us to “Soar in 2024.”

This week an overhang is being built over the outside door going into the office area. No more ice buildup or getting rained on. Wonderful improvement to our building.

On Sunday our service was not the traditional burning bowl of years past. There were two very distinct changes. The first was putting what you are releasing into water instead of fire. The second was the meditation process divided into two parts, taking place on two separate Sundays. Next Sunday will be the writing of your letter from God (Higher Self) that will be sent to you in July. Along with our traditional White Stone Ceremony.

If you didn’t attend last week, you can do the releasing from your home this week by watching the service and being ready for the next step.

I received this poem from Elizabeth Peterson that she wrote during the service that captures the process nicely.

Come to the Water of Release

Being led to Let Go and Let God
Taking me to the water
The water of creativity, flow and release
Allowing all the old to dissolve
To be carried away by the Divine Light and Love
Of release
To the Water
The Water of all that is

Soaring in 2024!

Happy New Year! See you in 2024…

Know that you are so very loved and appreciated.

You are a blessing in my life,
Rev. Patricia Bessey


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