Heart Thoughts: So Much Good

Hello Friends! There is so much good going on I hardly know what to focus on. I will start with the extraordinary weekend with Mary Reed, the Unwitting Mystic. She will be with us starting on Saturday 2-5 p.m., then Sunday morning, Sunday afternoon and Monday evening. If you have not registered for Saturday and wake up Saturday morning and feel the nudge from Spirit that you need to be at the Divine Connection workshop that afternoon, just come. You can pay at the door and partake in this amazing event.

The next amazing event will be the end of October with the “We Are the Light” women’s retreat with the fabulous Deb Engle, author and so much more. Check her out at debraengle.com. Currently, we have a waitlist for the retreat, however we are hoping to have more rooms available. If you want to be on the waitlist email me at unitygpoffice@gmail.com/

In between these two events is a lot of good stuff as well. As I will be continuing with the Dare to Be Yourself series from the book of the same name by Alan Cohen.

This past Sunday’s topic was Dare to Feel. It is an important topic because most of us will do almost anything to not have to experience our feelings. We do this by staying constantly busy. Abuse of drugs, alcohol, food, gambling, sex are all indicators of not wanting to deal with our feelings as well.

Psychiatrist Dr. David Viscott in his tape series “Emotional Resilience” says, “If we were to live honestly, our lives would heal themselves.” He explains how he helps people heal by helping them find ways to acknowledge their true feelings about past, current or future events that trouble them.

In this chapter of Alan’s book, he shares a story of his friend Corri who is experiencing breakdowns in many areas of her life, and she is sharing them with Alan. In trying to be helpful he takes a Kleenex and wipes a tear rolling down her check and without looking at him she says, “Please allow me to feel what I am going through. Let me be touched by life.”

I ask myself and I ask you how often we want to interrupt someone’s process when they are being touched by life because it is making us uncomfortable and getting close to our own pain that we don’t want to feel.

This was a very meaningful chapter for me and as someone said to me after the service you were vulnerable in your sharing. As I thought on that comment if I can’t show you who I am then I don’t make it safe for you to show me who you are. As it says in Attitudinal Healing, as we become vulnerable, we create the opening for others too as well.

If you have not had a chance to view the service on Sunday, you can watch it here… the meditation can be helpful to begin the process of getting in touch with your feelings.

Next week Mary Reed will be speaking, and her topic is “What We Are Waking Up Into.”

You are a blessing in my life,
Rev. Patricia Bessey


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