Heart Thoughts: Review and Renew in 2022

Happy New Year! Review and renew in 2022… how does that sound for a theme this year? I am excited about it, and the reviewing will be Unity teachings throughout the year and renewing some teachings and practices that may have fallen by the wayside for you.

portland lightThe talk Sunday, January 2, was you are the salt of the earth and to let your light shine. It is important that we not lose our savor because when salt loses its savor it is no longer useful and is thrown away. Keeping yourself focused on what has meaning for you and remembering your preciousness and uniqueness is what will bring fulfillment to you and keep the savor alive in you.

In Sunday’s talk I shared a story of how artists are very mindful of where the light is coming from when they are painting or sketching. Just as artists need to know where the light is coming from, we do as well. In Unity we teach that “light is the understanding principle in mind.” Light is a symbol of wisdom. In John 8:12 when Jesus said: “I am the light of the world,” he meant that he was the expresser of Truth and Wisdom in all its aspects.

Likewise, when he said in the Beatitudes, “Ye are the light of the world,” he meant that we are to express Truth and wisdom in all its aspects.

How do we do that? We Remember! We remember that we are sons and daughters of the Creator and can draw forth:

• understanding,
• courage,
• direction,
• resolution and
• inspiration from the Light of God within us.

We remember that we can gain and express light as inspiration in moments of illumination as in meditation, prayer or beauty in nature; we can gain and express light or inspiration through thoughtful work or in service to one another; we can gain and express light or inspiration through our dreamtimes; or we can gain and express light or inspiration through love and laughter shared with family and friends, co-workers or neighbors. If you missed the service or want to watch it again, it is here.

I have a personal request. Many of you know Rev. LeRoy is home with me and we are receiving support from Hospice. We would love to have you share any memories or experiences that come to mind of your relationship with Rev. LeRoy. I read every one that I receive to him, and we laugh or share our thoughts and memories of our time knowing you as well. Contact me here.

Next week (January 9), the talk will be “A Clean Slate.”

You are a blessing in my life,
Rev. Patricia Bessey

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