Heart Thoughts: May Rowland

It is our 85th birthday and we are looking for a creative logo to exemplify this momentous event. Are you the one to create this for us? We are having a contest and would like you to enter if you enjoy being creative. Our hope is to have several logos to put before our community and have them decide the one that will be used throughout the year on our website and everything we send out.

What is needed for the logo is “85 years of shining our light in the world.” The deadline for submission is February 14. If you have questions, please contact us.

This past Sunday was the first series I am doing that supports our theme for this new year, “Review and Renew in 2022.” It is getting to know Unity authors. The first I highlighted was May Rowland, author of Dare to Believe! May was the director of Silent Unity for 55 years following Myrtle Fillmore. She served from 1916 to 1971.

In Unity Magazine it was written: “She took the position only a year after finishing high school and was brought in to help the Fillmores, who, by then in their sixties, wanted someone to oversee the rapidly growing healing ministry. In his book The Unity Movement: Its Evolution and Spiritual Teachings, Neal Vahle said Rowland at first would go to Charles Fillmore for help with difficult letters. After a few times of providing her with the help she requested, Fillmore finally said to Rowland, “The Christ mind is in you, use it.” She went on to be the longest-serving director of Silent Unity to date.”

From New Thought Magazine in 2007 in an interview with Catherine Ponder: “May often told her co-workers, ‘Dress up when you come to work every day, because you are working for an important employer — God.’ One long time worker in Silent Unity, who was a great admirer of May Rowland, said she always placed her desk and chair where she could see May while they both worked. She felt May radiated an aura of light and enlightenment which she found uplifting throughout her workday.”

In her book Dare to Believe, she tells the story of turning the tornado away from her home as it was heading that way… the key words were “Dissolve in the name of Jesus Christ.” If you have a situation in your life that feels like a tornado coming toward you, face it using May Rowland’s words.

This story is a great example of what happens when we have accumulated prayer. “Every time you pray, every time you speak a word of prayer, you are building your life upon the stable foundation of faith….” —May Rowland

The power of the spoken word – May wrote, “When we see that something destructive is happening, it is our God-given right to command the good to come forth.”

This coming Sunday the author with be Elizabeth Sand Turner, author of Let There Be Light, Your Hope of Glory, and Be Ye Transformed.

See you on Sunday… stay well…

You are a blessing in my life,
Rev. Patricia Bessey

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