Heart Thoughts: Georgiana Tree West

As I continue to navigate the waters of my life without LeRoy, I am doing better than one could expect. I am grateful for that, and I owe much of it to all of you. You are standing with me every moment of the day. I hear from you in text messages, cards, emails, and phone calls.

You may have heard I am adopting a cat. This is something that LeRoy and I had been discussing but hadn’t acted on it. Well, I have started the process of getting a rescue from Westbrook Animal Refuge League. I picked out my little fellow; however, he has been having some health challenges, so I haven’t been able to bring him home yet. Hopefully when you read this Wednesday night he will be getting acquainted with his new surroundings. Pictures will be coming for sure.

The series I am doing on the early Unity authors has been fun for me. I have heard from some of you that you are enjoying learning about them and their teachings. This week was a favorite of mine, Georgiana Tree West. She wrote the book Prosperity’s Ten Commandments. On the Zoom Coffee Hour someone mentioned they liked these commandments much better than the original brought down to the people of Israel by Moses from God.

Although I highlighted just three in the talk, I want to give you all of them and a few thoughts to go along with them. I will start with the fourth commandment. If you missed the service, you can watch it here: Unity Authors – Georgiana Tree West

4th Commandment – You shall let go and let God do it. This commandment is about taking time to rest. In every demonstration, there must be resting periods, times of cessation from outer activity, while one dwells in complete reliance on God and on the operation of His immutable laws. Pg 54

5th Commandment – You shall deal honorably with God and with all human instruments through whom God’s good is manifested for you. Faith in God always counteracts fear. As we give more of ourselves in meditation, prayer, and service, we grow steadily in the realization of God’s presence in all and through all; we become increasingly aware of His power moving through His Spirit dwelling in us to fulfill our needs on all planes of existence. As we increase our faith in God as the ever-present beneficence, we learn to take what has been called “the first adventurous step in walking with God” and give a tenth of our increase to his service. Pg 73,73

6th Commandment – You shall not take your wealth out of circulation. These few words voice on the greatest lessons we have to learn concerning permanent prosperity. Just as we cannot have healthy bodies without good circulation, so we cannot have healthy circumstances unless our wealth circulates freely. Pg 79

7th Commandment – You shall not abase your wealth to idle or evil uses. Wealth is a symbol of God’s abundance, and as such it is a blessing. When used in a way appropriate to the divine source from which it comes, we can truly say: “The blessing of the Lord makes rich, and he adds no sorrow to it.” (Prov 10:22). Pg 97

8th Commandment – You shall not seek something for nothing. Jesus emphasized the necessity of giving either before or after receiving when he said: “Give and it will be given to you” (Lk 6:38), and “freely ye have received, freely give” (Mt 10:8 KJV). Balanced compensation is a necessary part of the foundation of permanent prosperity. Pg 107, 108

9th Commandment – You shall not bear false witness against the source of your wealth. In every problem of supply, the Truth that God is the one Source is the principle involved. To work out the problem of supply correctly so that plenty and not lack is the answer, we must make intelligent use of our understanding of God as principle. Pg 116

10th Commandment – You shall not limit yourself by coveting that which is another’s; you shall claim your own. The hidden Truth in this commandment is that we are to cease limiting ourselves by desiring that which is another’s. We are to learn how to claim our own from the one divine Source of supply. Pg 127

There you have it my friend… a bit longer than usual; however, very important information.

Join me next week when we experience Ernest Wilson and the Master Class Lessons.

You are a blessing in my life,
Rev. Patricia Bessey

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