Heart Thoughts: Moving to SELF

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Once again on Sunday you stayed in the game with me. We talked about accessing your true essence. The author of Supercharged Self-Healing, RJ Spina, gave us four exercises that will move us from egoic/mind/identity into the natural harmonious state of sentience or SELF.

Here are the four exercises; they are to be done exactly as he outlines them. They are to be done 5 minutes each, three times a day.

Ask Yourself, “Who Am I?”

When you have a thought, ask yourself, “To whom has this thought arisen?”
The answer will be: “To me, I am the one having this thought.”
Then ask yourself, “Who am I?”

The mind will go blank because there is no “who.” That “who” is the belief-based ego identity, a parasite Ultimately, there is but one spirit moving through all of existence: Source/God/Creator.

The repeated practice of “Who am I?” will eventually allow our individual attention to dwell directly within its source, or origin, which is our sentience.

Fingers to Chest

Using one of your hands, gently touch the tips of your index and middle finger directly to the center of your chest. Feel the soft pressure of your fingers there. Bringing all your attention and focus to the sensation of touch in the center of your chest, gently reach out and touch your fingertips. This fully opens your heart chakra, which activates your direct reunion with the Self-sentience. Keep all of your attention and focus there, in the center of your chest. You may instantaneously experience peace, an undercurrent of joy, almost like laughter, a state of no mind, total clarity, great power, and a sense of completeness. That’s the real you! Just stay there.

This presence in the center of your chest is the Real You – sentience.

Imagine You’re a Pair of Eyes Floating in Space

Once you have settled into the Self using self-inquiry or the fingers to the chest, imagine yourself as just your physical eyes floating in space with no connection to the brain. Just pure creator awareness and its innate freedom. Objective nonanalytic perception. The tangible experiential seeing of “what is” not filtered through belief-based judgment. Your depth of wisdom, understanding, and compassion are built into the very fabric of your pure “floating eyes.”

When you practice this exercise, you may feel a surge of joy because your energy drops down from your lower astral, mental and emotional bodies. This is normal because you are no longer giving the egoic identity any attention. Floating eyes promote the tangible recognition of your sentience in the center of your chest. Again, stay there.

Say “I Don’t Know”

Ask yourself a question that you don’t know the answer to, and you don’t care about. The fastest way to clear your lower astral and mental body of information is to simply ask yourself a question that you genuinely don’t know the answer to. Make it a question where you have absolutely no clue, not even a guess, as to the answer. It is also important not to have any real interest in the answer as well.

• How many hairs on a cat?
• How many windows are there in New York City?

The “I don’t know and I don’t care” state empties our lower astral, mental, and emotional container. It clears our thoughts, memories, and expectations, which, in effect, hits a pause button on the disharmonious egoic identity limitation program.

If you have the book, these exercises are on pages 66 – 71.

Do not underestimate the incredible transformative powers of the protocols in step 1: (1) Ask Yourself, “Who Am I?” (2) Fingers to Chest, (3) Imagine You’re a Pair of Eyes Floating in Space, and (4) Say “I Don’t Know.” They dissolve the habitual and ritualistic machinations of your disharmonious programming. (pg. 73)

Next week, Step 2: Know Specifically What You Are Going to Achieve.

Know that you are so very loved and appreciated.

You are a blessing in my life,
Rev. Patricia Bessey


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