Heart Thoughts: Lighten Up!

We have so much to celebrate at our upcoming Annual Meeting on November 5th! Once again, our incredible community has shown its generosity, and we successfully raised the funds needed for the parking lot. On behalf of myself and the Board of Trustees, I want to express our heartfelt gratitude. Your unwavering support for projects like this truly makes our environment warm and welcoming.

And it gets even better! Our garden project had a slow start due to heavy summer rains, but things have taken a dramatic turn. The waterline has been installed, and this Saturday, thanks to the hard work of Jim Staebler, Scott Sorenson, and Janice Murphy, eight frames were constructed. A big high five to them for their dedication and efforts!

As we progress along with the series Dare to Be Yourself from the book by the same title written by Alan Cohen, the message on Sunday was Dare To Lighten Up. With all that is happening on the planet at this time the message is timely.

A few important points Alan makes are:

• When faced with a situation if you can laugh about it, you know you are approaching it with a clear mind.
• You know you are stuck if you have the inability to see the humor in the experience and need to look at it from a higher perspective.
• A Course in Miracles says “all sin ends in laughter” which translates to when we release ourselves and others from judgment, we know we are healed with it and complete.
• Forgiveness and laughter walk side by side.
• Laughter is a gift from God. One who knows God knows laughter.
• There is nothing to fear and much to laugh about.
• A joyful person lights up every room they enter…their childlike innocence emanates from them.

Alan writes, “We can all lighten up. We live in extraordinary times. Our age is tense, challenging, alive, and exciting. There has never been a transformational time on earth like this. . .

“Perhaps lightening up is our best defense against the fear that seems to plague our world. . . People who laugh a lot live longer, but more importantly, they live better. What is the use of living if you can’t enjoy yourself while you’re here?”

Some good medicine: Laugh for two minutes in the morning before you start your day and again two minutes as you end your day. If you need me to send you a couple of cat memes at night just contact me.

If you missed the service, you can watch it here.

Next Sunday will be “Dare to Be Wrong”!

You are a blessing in my life,
Rev. Patricia Bessey

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