Heart Thoughts: Lent

Swing wide the doors, and we did that this past Sunday. We had our first in person service since Christmas Eve. The energy was high, and folks were so glad to see one another. I want to thank all who joined us online as well. I know for some of you who live out of state you now can join us on Sunday mornings as we continue with livestreaming. There are those of you who are choosing to join online and are not ready to come into group settings and we understand.

On Sunday we did a short survey asking whether folks wanted required or optional masking. Optional was the overwhelming response. So our offerings going forward will be online and mask optional for in-person. We will keep holding the thought of continuing in the right direction as the pandemic clears.

We are now in the season of Lent. After the service while having coffee, the question was asked where does the word “Lent” come from. I checked it out and found that the first records of the word Lent come from before 900. It comes from the Old English word “lencten” meaning “lengthening (of daylight hours)” or less literally “spring or springtime.” Which leads right into reminding you that this Saturday night is the changing of the clocks. This is the time when we spring forward. Interesting how it all goes together.

The message on Sunday was from the book Keep a True Lent by Charles Fillmore, co-founder of Unity. If you missed it, you can watch it here.

The following is written by my good friend Cybie Mauro from Unity of Syracuse. In 2019 I received this email from Cybie:

“Several years ago, I was inspired to write a daily message to share throughout Lent. These messages begin with a quote (from various sources) and center around Unity principles. I have been encouraged to send out my Lenten messages again this year. (One each day for the next 40 days plus Sundays.) Typically Lent has been a time to give up something, but it can also be a time to take something on, like sitting in meditation or reflection.”

First Sunday

“When I wake up, the first thing I do is say, “Thank you, God – for my life, my breath. Thank you for everything.” I say, “Yes, I’m here for You. Yes, I’m available. Yes, I’m ready.” Even if I don’t feel like it emotionally or physically, I try to engage my yes. So I may say yes out loud: “Yes. Yes to life. Yes to love. Yes to God. Yes to beauty. Yes to creativity, excellence, integrity. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.” — Reverend Michael Beckwith, “What Personal Life?”

Feast on life!

As we practice fasting, so, too, we must practice feasting. For when we create a clearing in our minds through denials, we must plant affirmative seeds of Truth to take root and grow in their place or else the weeds of error thought will spring up again. When we say “yes!” to life, we surrender resistance, which is a form of error thinking: a weed in the garden. Say “yes” right now and notice how the face almost makes a smile to form the word. Now say “no” and notice that it forms a frown. Let’s say “yes, yes, yes, YES” and wear a yes smile all day today. Let us celebrate the rightness of life: that God, like the sun, shines equally on all. Let us lift up our faces and drink in God’s blessing. Let us say yes to God’s Presence in our lives; let us joyously surrender our resistance to life and give it freedom to express through us – joyfully!

“Today I affirm the Truth of my Being. I Am, by Divine Blueprint, whole, complete and perfect at the core of my Being. Even as gold’s value does not decrease regardless of the form it takes, so, too, my essence remains unchanged despite outer appearance. I always have the choice to live from the consciousness of perfection and love or from the illusion of separation and fear. I affirm today my ability to allow my essence to express itself in my thoughts, words and actions. I say YES to life and I go forth in love, seeing the perfection in everyone I meet. And so it is.”

Next week the topic is LOVE… please join me.

Have a wonderful week and the acronym for LENT – Let’s Eliminate Negative Thinking

You are a blessing in my life,
Rev. Patricia Bessey

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