Heart Thoughts: Do You Hear Your Life?

It’s a holiday weekend and I am a little sad, as it is Labor Day, and this marks for many of us the end of summer. I know we still have beautiful weather in September and October; however, once the children are back in school it moves us into fall.

However, September has a lot of great events coming up. The Men’s Group is meeting this Tuesday at 7 p.m. The following Thursday, the 14th, is Unity’s World Day of Prayer. There is something here for everyone.

A new series got underway on Sunday using the book by Alan Cohen, Dare to Be Yourself. The first message was “Your Life is Calling.” Alan states, “All of us are seeking to more fully be ourselves. Sometimes our treasured self comes forth in a joyful moment of self-discovery, and sometimes we find ourselves through challenge and apparent conflict. No matter what route we take, we all share the awesome journey to the mountaintop of self-awareness.”

As we take that journey to the mountaintop of self-awareness, we will be exploring what it means to use Unity principles to meet challenges, to solve problems and to create authentic spiritual community here at Unity Center for Spiritual Growth.

Our purpose is to know and remember the magnificent beings God created us to be. Your life is calling you. . . are you listening? Will you answer the longing in your heart to be more than you currently think you are?

Alan writes: “The question is not, ‘Is there life after death?’ The question is, ‘Is there life before death?’”

There is so much more in the message just for you, so if you missed it on Sunday, you can watch it here.

Learn about chickens and the eagle. My hope for you is that you fly like an eagle this week.

Join me next week for the message “Dare to Love Yourself.”

You are a blessing in my life,
Rev. Patricia Bessey

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