Heart Thoughts: Changing Limiting Beliefs

If you were at the service on Sunday or tuned in. you know that Mercury is in retrograde and technology may be disrupted and it was. What is the likelihood of both AV people not being available on Sunday? Christine was at a retreat and Scott was not feeling well. But we got it done!

The topic for Sunday’s message was Concept 2: That you are the cause of your own problem. Ouch! This talk is about how we construct mental boxes and how it limits us. The reality is that we all live with mental boxes, some of our own creation and some others created for us.

Here is a tip… a way to identify your box is if it has a lot of parameters around it.

If you have set up multiple conditions to be happy – it is clear, you are not allowing Spirit to support you and give you some choices.

I haven’t shared the storyline this week; however, if you missed it, you could watch it here.

In the story, ELF (Eternal Life Force) made it clear to Tony to pay attention to his feelings… so that is how he got his answer. It is also how Tony is getting the guidance he needs by paying attention to his feelings and less to his thinking.

This is an area I struggled with for so many years. I disregarded my feeling nature. I was all about thinking. I am working on paying attention to my intuition, to that gut feeling.

Here is an example… it has to do with the AV situation. On Sunday morning I was doing my usual things and realized that time was getting away from me… I had a nudge that I needed to get a move on… I didn’t know why until I got the text from Scott. Spirit was alerting me, and I listened.

Frankie comes into the story this week when he realizes that other than his sister Julie and her family, and Tony he has not loved anyone else. He has been dating the lovely Anna and he knows she is looking for a commitment from him.

Frankie is operating from a mindset that commitment is a painful risk and marriage is suicide. This is the mental box he created at the age of 10.

You and I are operating still with some mindsets that we created years ago.

We are always playing the game…would you rather…

Would you rather be successful or fulfilled? Would you rather make money or make a difference?

Here is a simple exercise to help you dismantle some old beliefs… this comes from Erika Gerdes.

• To become aware of the limiting belief…

Most of the time we have no idea these old scripts are running in the background of our minds because they’ve faded into the background like white noise.

Answer this question: I can’t ____because…

Why can’t you… too old, not enough money, what will people think…

We can learn how to have fear without letting fear have us. If we stay stuck and believe we can’t live life on our terms, fear wins.

• Find your heroes… people who are living both/and once you start to look you will find them…

Don’t worry about the “how” they did it or how you can; stay focused on the dream for now. Asking “how” too early will kill every dream.

• Action: Start taking baby steps forward because confidence comes from action, not contemplation.

Here’s the uncomfortable truth, though: We get confidence and clarity FROM awareness and action. Start small with baby steps. Any step you take is a micro-win worth celebrating. The more steps you take, the bigger they become, the more confident you will feel and the more clarity you’ll get about where you’re going. Any time we step beyond our narrow path, we expand our possibilities and live into a more full range.

Join me next week as we pick up once again with Tony and Frankie in the book Life Doesn’t Have to Be So Hard.

You are a blessing in my life,
Rev. Pat

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