Heart Thoughts: Celebrate With Us!

You are invited! I am so excited, and my mind is full of details and checking off the list of items needed for our 85th Anniversary celebration. The weekend begins with the one woman play, Etty, on Friday evening with Susan Stein. To learn more about this play and woman go to www.ettyproject.org. The time of the play is 7:00 and will be followed by a Q & A. This will not be livestreamed.

Sunday is our day of celebrating the history right up to now of your spiritual home and mine, Unity Center for Spiritual Growth. The service will include music with our own Deana Gurney and back with us for a visit from Arizona, our former music director, Wiley Beveridge. The two of them will be providing music throughout the service. There will be messages from those who have been in the ministry longer than many of us. Following will be a light lunch that will be prepared by Scott Mazer, who brings the service to you online every week in the AV booth, however in his daily life Scott is a chef.

Lastly an update on the 85 angels we are looking for to give an additional $85 in love for supporting this community and ensuring it continues to serve all of us and those yet to find us. By the way, this is a great service to bring a friend to that has not been with us before.

Sunday was the second episode in the story of Tony and Frankie from the book Life Doesn’t Have To Be So Hard. It is written by my colleague Lauren McLaughlin and I am sending to her the service so she gets to experience it and here is what she said: ”Good grief Pat – you drew me in so completely I actually thought ‘You know, I should really read this book!’ You certainly tell this story well and make it as relatable to every reader as I always hoped it would be. You are blessing me, right along with your congregation! Thank You!”

I will give you the takeaways from the message and you could watch it for yourself if you missed it on Sunday.

The takeaways are:
• we are never alone
• who is close to you that might need support
• it is helpful to talk it out
• the answers are within/not without
• look for the synchronicities

I will leave you with one last story…and it has to do with synchronicity. I ask you to think of someone you haven’t been in contact with for awhile and pay attention over the next couple of days to see if you hear or see them.

Sunday evening, I got this from Lisa MacDonald: Hi. Just wanted to let you know that during the service today when you asked us to think about someone and see what shows up…so I was thinking about my nephew and his family…I haven’t seen them for a while and have been wanting to. So, I was out with my brother and sister-in-law on the lake in their boat this afternoon and another boat went by. Everyone waves to other boaters when out on the lake and so we waved to the people on this boat. One of the guys kept waving and my sister-in-law says…”hey, that’s Matt!” (My nephew). That was the last place I thought I’d see them…turns out they were visiting a friend who has a place on the lake. The only time this year they have been out with their friends and the only time this year I’ve been out with my brother! ELF?!

So, my dear friends I hope to see you on Friday evening, and again on Sunday…have a blessed week and ask for ELF’s help when needed.

You are a blessing in my life.
Rev. Patricia Bessey

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