Heart Thoughts: August 17

Here we are midway through August and, along with beach days, family reunions, and other summer activities, is baseball… this past Friday night a few from our community went to a Sea Dogs game. It wasn’t just to going to a game; it was much more important than that. It was to raise money for Sebago Lakes Region Fuller Center. The Sea Dogs have a volunteer opportunity and they in turn will give a donation to the organization that is volunteering. A huge thank you to Jerr Roberts, Linda Cooke, Pam Mills, Bonnie Dalrymple, Betti Lu Lewis and me for donating our time for a fun evening.

A thank you to all who tuned into Come Apart for A While with Rev. Jesse James and Wiley Beverage. It was a wonderful evening of meditation, music and sharing. Both Rev. Jesse and Wiley will be with us in person for our 85th.

We have a great weekend planned for our 85th anniversary. It begins with a fabulous play on Friday evening, August 26 with Susan Stein. The play is Etty. To learn more about Etty and Susan’s relationship go to www.ettyproject.org. Please scroll down to see the details for the event. Then on Sunday the 28 will be our celebration of 85 years as a Unity presence in Maine. It all begins at 10 a.m. and concludes with lunch following the morning activities.

We are seeking 85 people who would like to be our angels for this event. To be an angel all you need to do is donate $85 dollars over and above your regular giving. At the time of my writing (Monday morning) we have 26 angels. We are more than a quarter of the way… donate now.

This past Sunday we were blessed with the message being delivered by our Board President, Kim Cowperthwaite. She gave us great insights into what 6th, 7th and 8th graders go through and how they are developing in their anatomy as well as this is the time when their brains are developing the most. I found it fascinating, as did others. I think of my raising a child and how helpful knowing this would have been. She also invited us to go back to that time in our own lives and see what stands out as a memory. I found myself in my best friend’s home where I went almost every day during the summer and eating tuna fish sandwiches and watching Dick Clark and American Bandstand. I hadn’t thought of that time in my life for years. If you missed the service, you can watch it here.

Take time to check our calendar for all the events that are coming up… you don’t want to miss anything… new events are happening every week.

Next Sunday we have Julie Thompson back with us along with the next adventures of Tony and Frankie from the book Life Doesn’t Have To Be So Hard. Please join us either in person or online.

Have a wonder-filled week and be kind and loving to all…

You are a blessing in my life,
Rev. Patricia Bessey

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