Heart Thoughts: Adam & Eve, Millionaires

Sunny and in the 50s Saturday morning… perfect for cleanup day at Unity. Come join me and others as we prepare our grounds and gardens for summer. Nothing is needed except you! Coffee will be available.

This past Sunday we had our first meal together in Unity Hall in over two years. To all who contributed to the potluck, thank you! It was delicious and plenty of variety. Thank you to all who contributed, including the folks who set up, and those who cleaned up. Many hands make light work, and the bonus is getting to know someone you might not have talked with much in the past.

I started a new series using the book of Unity prosperity guru Catherine Ponder. The book is The Millionaires of Genesis. I am calling the series the Million Dollar Spring. She invites us, through this book, to get acquainted with the allegorical, ancient millionaires and learn their secrets to break out of the shell of limitation and poverty.

In this message were the prosperity secrets of Adam. He was the first created human in the Bible, symbolizing, of course, all of humanity. The intellect within all of us.

Adam was given dominion over the lavish abundance that God had created. But what did he do? He misused that intellect, didn’t he? Eating from the tree means appropriating it, buying into the belief in good and evil duality.

And then we have our millionairess, Eve, the feeling nature within all of us. She is also feeling lack. The two together will create the experience of lack

Understanding that divine substance, the essence of Spirit, underlies all of creation — that is the key to manifestation. Life can get easier, and we can begin the process to creating the life that we seek. Divine Substance is the key to today’s lesson.

How do we use the radiant substance of the Universe to become that which we desire in life? Through our thoughts and actions. Our words!

Louise Hay tells us that if we want to take responsibility for our life, we must take responsibility for our mouth! Instead of poverty thoughts, we need to affirm power thoughts. Think and act prosperously! Speak words that affirm the truth, that God’s Divine Substance underlies all things. Sub-stance means that which stands under. What kind of words are you speaking on a regular basis? Are they life-affirming words, or do they keep you locked up in a world of limitation?

Would it be alright with you if your life got easier? Now is the time to make changes that will bring about what you desire in your life. We are all allegorical millionaires.

Are you ready for a change? Then refuse to buy into a belief in lack. Because the reality is that we are surrounded by abundance. Each and every one of us is an example of the abundance of the Universe.
We can regain our millionaire heritage by recognizing Divine Substance as the one and only reality and by affirming Divine Substance as the Source of our prosperity.

We will begin with affirmation:

• Divine Substance is my one and only supply.
• Divine Substance is manifesting prosperity for me here and now.
• I am sustained and prospered by the infinite riches of Divine Substance.

Homework for this lesson is to repeat these affirmations morning and evening, and as many times as you need to, until you believe it.

Are you up for it?

Rev. Patricia Bessey

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