Heart Thoughts: About That Metal Box…

Tomorrow is the fall equinox, which means the amount of daylight and nighttime hours are just about equal. It also means fall has arrived. And with fall comes mushroom foraging. After the service on Sunday, join Scott Mazer (our AV guy) on a mushroom foraging adventure. The area will be the Lowell Preserve that has its trailhead in Windham. Come prepared to learn and glean mushrooms.

Registration is open for the women’s retreat, so don’t delay in getting signed up. If you want a preview of what is to come at the retreat, join Sue Vittner for a free Zoom session for Intro to Human Design

The men had a potluck on Saturday night and the consensus was to begin the twice-a-month Zoom calls. They will be on the first and third Tuesday evenings.

We continued with the series Life Doesn’t Have To Be So Hard from the book with the same title, written by my colleague Rev. Lauren McLaughlin.

We were continuing with the 2nd Concept: That you are the cause of your own problem. Ouch that stings, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, it is true. Last week it was Tony who had a metal box around an issue that was keeping him from experiencing peace. This week it is Frankie recognizing his metal box, that was constructed when he was 10 years old and, at almost 40, he is still living that out. It has to do with his relationship with Lovely Anna. They have been seeing each other for about a year and Anna was pressing for a deeper commitment and Frankie was struggling with making the commitment because in his metal box was the belief that commitment was risky at best, and marriage was suicide.

The question I pose to you is where you might have a metal box that was put in place many years ago. After the service, someone told me they had an “ah ha” realization that they were angry at God for their illnesses. Therefore, their relationship with God was not supportive because of this belief.

I shared in my talk from our own Elizabeth Peterson’s email to me after the service on September 11. She then sent me an email after this week’s service and here is what she said: ”Dismantling my box, letting go of fear, just letting it be, going within and not looking outward for anything… everything I need, want and desire is all inside of me. Trusting, like I haven’t ever trusted before, because I didn’t know how. I had not been taught or learned until now, letting in love at a new level, letting in trust, letting in God… letting in ELF.

“As the walls of the box dissolve, I smile maybe the most genuine smile of my life. I breathe my first breath in love. Knowing true trust, true love.”

Thank you, Elizabeth, for articulating so well the message from ELF (Eternal Life Force).

Next week you will be blessed with Leah Rush and Kyle Boyd – Self Love and the Power of the Heart… both are HeartMath Certified trainers.

I will be back with you on October 2 with the 3rd Concept: Realizing… You Came Here Primarily to Have Fun.

You are a blessing in my life.
Rev. Patricia Bessey

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