Heart Thoughts: A New 7-Part Series

The prevailing theme of this past week has been the omnipresent “cold,” a characteristic feature of January in the state of Maine. While acknowledging the season and regional climate, there’s a sense of realizing how we may have become somewhat accustomed to milder conditions, perhaps a form of spoiling ourselves.

Paul Hasselback

Looking ahead, there’s an anticipatory excitement building for the upcoming class on “Mastering Life/Mastering Change” with my esteemed friend and colleague, Rev. Dr. Paul Hasselbeck. Reflecting on our history, Rev. LeRoy and I first connected with Paul at the inaugural social gathering for the new ministerial class in June of 1994. Paul, joining us from Puerto Rico, was to be a fellow classmate, and an immediate bond formed among the three of us. Our shared interest and training in Attitudinal Healing became a focal point over the two years in school, leading us to collaboratively facilitate Attitudinal Healing groups and conduct various workshops together.

A humorous anecdote from our shared experiences involves Paul and me signing up for a class in Washington, DC with Stephen Levine. Coincidentally, during the class weekend, LeRoy and other classmates orchestrated a move, transitioning us into our new home in Overland Park, Kansas. Departing from one residence, I returned to an entirely new setting. Subsequently, the three of us went on to become Associate Ministers at Unity Church of Overland Park.

Paul’s proficiency as a teacher is truly remarkable, and those who attend the class are assured of a valuable and enriching experience. I encourage you secure your registration promptly. Missing out on the opportunity might mean hearing others share tales of the enjoyment and profound insights they gained, while you regretfully missed the chance to be part of it!

On Sunday, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery by initiating a series based on the book Supercharged Self-Healing by RJ Spina. Taking this step required a leap of faith because the information presented challenges conventional belief systems. In this series, I will share the transformative steps that helped RJ overcome permanent chest-down paralysis and various health issues.

RJ Spina unfolds the secrets he has uncovered, showcasing the potency of energy healing to transcend suffering, attain inner peace, and embrace the resilient Self. Each week, we’ll delve into one of the seven steps in his unique system, guiding us through energetic attunement and neural rewiring to address a spectrum of wellness goals. These goals encompass physical ailments and mental health challenges such as pain, depression, anxiety, and addiction. One key aspect is the introduction of the Ascend the Frequencies Technique — a method proven by RJ and his clients to reprogram the Self for optimal well-being.

Expressing his dedication, RJ Spina states, “I am eternally devoted to helping others heal and liberate themselves using the same wisdom and techniques that I used.” The seven-step Ascend the Frequencies Healing Technique encapsulates his journey of transcending the ego/mind/identity and achieving holistic energy healing.

In the upcoming weeks, I will share each step that RJ employed, hoping that you can derive benefits from his personal experience and teachings. Additionally, in Heart Thoughts I will provide from the book a meditation, mantra, or process to assist you in working with each step.

The initial step we will explore next week is “Access your True Essence: Dissolve the illusion of the ego/mind/identity.” This step addresses the root cause of all suffering and illness.

I invite you to join me in this transformative endeavor. This work has the potential to revolutionize how you interact with yourself moving forward. As I mentioned before, our theme for this year is “Let’s Soar in 2024,” and this teaching is a key element that can bring this aspiration into reality.

Know that you are so very loved and appreciated.

You are a blessing in my life,
Rev. Patricia Bessey


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