Divine Audacity: Shades of Light, Our Spiritual Powers

Sunday Message by Rev. Pat Bessey

There isn’t anything better than summer in Maine. We are having a wonderful streak of great weather and it is what we who live here hold in our minds during the long winter months. Sunday services and fellowship offer an important opportunity to be spiritually fed amongst the busyness of summer. Throughout the summer, we continue to have outstanding speakers, talented musicians, and vibrant fellowship after service in Unity Hall. What a community. We are grateful for your presence and for your consistent giving: We are supported through your generous tithes and offerings. Thank you!

The talk this past Sunday was titled “Shades of Light…Our Spiritual Powers.” I am continuing with the book Divine Audacity written by Rev. Linda Martella-Whitsett. I believe we are all on a spiritual journey and our souls are evolving us from our personal finite selves toward our divine infinite selves, what I like to think of as the big SELF. It is the SELF we came into this world as and then we lost our connection.

Divine Audacity takes the work of Unity co-founder Charles Fillmore and his teaching of the Twelve Powers and gives us a way to implement them in our lives so that we can fulfill our mission of being the light in the world for others to follow. I like what Rev. Linda says about this work… My approach in the following chapters is not to repeat or report on the classic Unity teachings about the Twelve Powers, for I cannot improve upon them. Instead, my desire is to profile each power, describe some of its aspects, illustrate ways it can be expressed, and suggest practices to develop it as a useful spiritual power in daily living.

Although we haven’t yet gotten into each of the powers, we did look at Love and here is what Mr. Fillmore says in another of his books, Jesus Christ Heals: God does not love anybody or anything. (that’s a show stopper – Take a breath and continue)

God does not love anybody or anything.
God IS the love in everybody and everything.
God is love;
Man becomes loving by permitting (that which God is) to find expression in word and act.

Imagine this for a moment: Love emanating POWERFULLY from all of us. Collectively we could heal the world.

The good news is that these powers are already hard-wired into us. I used the analogy on Sunday of the apps on our phones. We have a slew of them, but they are of no value to us unless we learn how to operate them and then utilize them.

Over the next several weeks you will learn how to put into operation these Twelve Powers of Love, Imagination, Power, Judgment, Understanding, Zeal, Elimination, Faith, Life, Order, Wisdom and Strength.

This week as an expression of Love choose acts of kindness and service to connect with others.

And again, from Charles Fillmore and his book, Christian Healing:

Spiritual transformation of our love ability, broadens, strengthens, and deepens it. We no longer confine love to family, friends, and personal relations, but expand it to include ALL things.

An affirmation for you this week: I am a being of Love. I transform my life in ways that are positive, principled, and practical.

You are a blessing in my life.
Rev. Patricia Bessey