A Life of Service

November 1 Sunday service with Sr. Lucy and Rev. Pat Bessey

The service on Sunday was just what I needed. Our guest for the service was Sr. Lucy Kurien from Maher. Sr. Lucy is no stranger to our community, and it was wonderful seeing her at home in Maher in Pune, India. The children did a song that was a prayer; here are the words in English.


This is our humble prayer, and this is our request.
Though the darkness around us is sad, the sun is sure to rise tomorrow,
Let religion, caste, region, language, hatred all come to an end.
Give one loyalty, one hope, one color and again spread the moon of purity of the mind. Let us focus only on love and let all differences we find within humanity come to an end. Our dream is to let all mankind be one and let there be equality within us.

Sister Lucy Kurien

Sister Lucy Kurien

This prayer out pictures what is taught to the children of Maher. In talking with Sr. Lucy during coffee hour, the question was asked about adoption. She said they don’t have the authority to offer adoption and wouldn’t want them to go anywhere. They are our family, we love them, as she held a little one that was maybe three and had been there since she was born.

Another question posed to her was, are those who come to Maher expected to follow a certain faith tradition, especially since Sr. Lucy is Christian? The answer was they are encouraged to follow their own faith tradition and so prayers are said to the Divine rather than invoking any particular name or form of God to the exclusion of others. They are taught to respect and love all religions.

I encourage you to take the time to watch the message… give yourself the gift of watching a truly remarkable woman who is making a difference in the lives of so many people.

Speaking of making a difference in the lives of people, please respond to our winter blanket and clothes drive.

Join me this Sunday for the message titled “Breathe and Push” from See No Stranger.

You are a blessing in my life,
Rev. Patricia Bessey

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