The Sacred Medicine of Sacrifice

Sunday message by John Two-Hawks

Message from Rev. Pat Bessey:

What a great weekend we had…it started on Friday evening with delicious food before the John Two-Hawks concert. High five to Michelle Neas and Dee Capoldo for their cooking and serving. We then had an awesome concert. Thank you to all who attended.

Sunday followed with John sharing the sacred medicine of sacrifice at the 10 a.m. service and his well-attended workshop was on the wisdom of the sacred hoop. I wouldn’t do justice to sharing high points of the talk, so I suggest you listen for yourself…

Someone asked me how we get such wonderful speakers, and I shared how blessed we are; most all contact me and say they are coming to Maine and could they share their gifts. For John and his wife Peggy it was their first time to our wonderful state, and they loved it. I feel blessed that we have the space to have them stay with us and we get to really connect and they leave as new friends.

Marjory Zoet Bankson

Speaking of wonderful speakers, next Sunday we will be hosting another guest. Marjory Zoet Bankson will be speaking at the 10 a.m. service and doing a workshop following lunch. The topic of the talk and workshop is on our calling in life.

In an article that was written on Marjory a few years ago, she was asked by Letha Dawson Scanzoni, the author of the article, to tell how she began thinking about the concept of the call. Marjory responded, “I would say it goes back to the period when I was about 13 or 14. I used to practice the pipe organ in a mortuary in Bellingham, Washington, because the mortuary was warm, and the church was cold. Seeing people who were dead gave me a sense that life itself was sacred. And if life itself was sacred, then my life was sacred.”

This experience marked the beginning of an alternative way of looking at her relationship with God and what it means to be loved by God.

Later in the article…She talks about a balance between work and quiet and firmly believes that spiritual disciplines can help us maintain that balance. They remind us that we belong to a bigger picture as part of God’s creation.

“If we can find ways of stepping into God’s more timeless realm — Kairos time, it will give us a sense of spaciousness and a sense of knowing that we have all the time we need,” Marjory emphasized. “I think that would be a tremendous antidote for the poison of the intense time pressure that people seem to be living with today.”

We must learn to see ourselves as part of a larger picture and know “that we belong to God’s story, which is much bigger than our individual lives.” Once we realize that, “we can know that if we miss the call the first time around, God will call again.” The biblical Samuel’s calling is a good metaphor. “God isn’t going to leave us sleeping. When the call comes again, this time we can wake up.”

Hope to see you on Sunday!

You are a blessing in my life
Rev. Patricia Bessey

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