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Deb Engel

Debra Engel

Sunday message by guest speaker Debra Engle

Message from Rev. Pat Bessey:

School is starting this week for many of our children and teachers, which is an indicator that summer is coming to an end. It still baffles me that school starts before Labor Day. It is so interesting how the energy begins to shift when we are ready to change seasons. I can feel it within myself as I start to make plans for the fall calendar. In ministry, I am always looking four to six months out and, as a result, lots of programs are already in the works.

On September 14 – September 22 is Campaign Nonviolence Week of Actions. Our actions will be Peace Vigil at the rotary, Peace Concert with Todd Glacy and Silent Saturday. Our women’s retreat “Reclaiming Our Preciousness” is happening on September 20 and 21. Our Season for Inter-spiritual/Intercultural Celebration will begin on September 29 with guest speaker Joel Grossman, who will speak on Judaism and Rosh Hashana.

We are holding a community meeting on September 8 and the Board and I hope that you will join us as we will be sharing with you the latest on Sebago Lakes Region Center for Fuller Housing. We are one of five churches and Saint Joseph College that are forming this organization to support the elderly to live out their lives in their homes. This is also a time for us to share with each other the highest and best for Unity Center for Spiritual Growth going forward.

On Sunday we had as our guest speaker Deb Engle, author of her third and latest book, Be the Light that You Are. Deb’s message was so relevant to living a successful life. She shared about a conversation she had with a friend and the issues her friend was experiencing and what could she do. I surely identified with her friend’s situation and listened closely to what Deb said to her.

Here are the three important points she made:

1. Our only job is to be JOY;
2. Our goal is to have the peace of God in all situations;
3. Our purpose is to be the light that I am.

Here is an opportunity to apply Deb’s message. Many of us have been following the arrival of several hundred asylum seekers into Portland. They are now all being placed into homes with other families or in their own homes. They have a great need, as most came to Maine with just the clothes on their backs. I have learned of a Facebook page that has been set up to let us know what they need and how to get items to them.

There are two Facebook pages: One is Maine Needs and the other is Better Together. They are the clearinghouses for requests from those in need. Better Together is for folks in Cumberland County. If you do not live or work in Cumberland County you can find the page for your county.

Here is their purpose statement: Better Together – Cumberland County (ME) is a location-specific donation coordination group. Our goal is to act as a bridge connecting those who need specific items with those looking to donate specific items. All are welcome but you must live or work within Cumberland County, Maine. Invite local friends and family members to join and help or be helped.

Next Sunday the message will be “Life Work: Abundance through Clarity.”

You are a blessing in my life.
Rev. Patricia Bessey

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