The Light of Will: The Power of Choice, Commitment and Willingness

Sunday Message by Rev. Pat Bessey

Sunday morning between services was a real treat. Anna had picked beets from the garden and our young friends, Noah and Evelyn, were seen cutting the greens preparing them for lunch. Then, to top it all off, we had this beautiful and peaceful view of a pair of goldfinches perched on the sunflowers growing right outside the window. I love that we have a facility that allows for flowers and vegetable gardens to supplement our lunch menu. Thanks to Anna and to her helpers that keep it watered and harvested.

Again, in gratitude for our beautiful grounds – weather permitting – we will be having a fire and drumming circle following the Peace Concert on August 8 with Todd Glacy. The concert begins at 7:00; however, if you choose, feel free to come earlier to walk the labyrinth in preparation for the concert. We will be hosting the participants attending the Peace Literacy Training with Paul K. Chappell. Oh, did I mention there is still time to register for this awesome training? Either register online or call the office at 207-893-1233 to register.

The Power of Will was the focus for the message on Sunday, continuing the series Divine Audacity. Will is the ability to choose, decide, lead.

The metaphysical meaning of “Will” from Revealing Word – which is Unity’s dictionary – says: “Will is the executive faculty of the mind, the determining factor in man. What man wills or decrees comes to pass in his experience.”

There is a prevailing cultural misinterpretation of a God who is in charge, a kind of superhero that can make things happen or not happen. However, Unity doesn’t support the interpretation of an entity sitting on a cloud in the sky, commanding events on earth.

From the Lord’s Prayer we have the words from Matthew 6:10 “Your kingdom come. Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” Unity’s definition of heaven is a unified force field, a field of unlimited possibilities.

We enter heaven, the unified force field, when we focus, pray and meditate. This is the formula for experiencing heaven on earth. This is the aligning with the Divine. Because we have been given free will we are always at a choice point. We have the choice to blend our energy with the “unified force field” or not. When we do not then we are likely to experience “hell”. Heaven and hell are right here right now depending on how we choose to see life.

Spiritual will is NOT
• submitting my desires to an invisible superhuman being
• being told by another what I should or should not do
• submitting myself to coercion

Spiritual will is our power of 1) choice, 2) commitment, and 3) willingness.

In the field of unlimited possibilities, we have many options and will is our ability to desire one among many. Desire motivates our choice…either from curiosity, worry, confusion or divine discontent. Once the selection is made, next comes commitment which leads us to deliberate intentional action. Lastly, willingness follows. Willingness is the fuel that makes commitment possible. Willingness is the state of allowing… allowing the experience, the gift, the flexibility to say “yes” to stepping into the flow.

This week, is divine discontent leading you to a change in your life? If so remember…choice, commitment and willingness. To hear the complete message from Sunday click here…

Affirmation: I use Divine Will to make choices and decisions.

You are a blessing in my life.
Rev. Patricia Bessey

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