The Hero in Us

Sunday message by Rev. Pat Bessey

I want to continue highlighting the many people who serve to make this ministry what it is! I omitted a very important team last week and that is our Prayer Partners. These folks are available every Sunday following the service to pray with you should you need a little extra prayer support.

Others who serve behind the scenes and do important jobs that add to the excellence of our ministry are Hilary Hayes who comes in every week, waters the plants and refills the seat backs with Love Offering envelopes. Neil Ruecker picks up the food for the Windham Food Bank, Cindy Hildreth changes out the bulletin board seasonally, The Season bulletin board is handled by those on the Season’s team. The Season for the Earth and Gardens is being handled by Anna Ritchie. Randall Sawyer and Matt Purinton are our go-to guys when something needs to be repaired in the building and on our grounds. During the summer Bill Taylor and Jeff Plumer share the duties of mowing and trimming. And lastly our Board of Trustees… together we are so blessed to serve you.

As you can see there are many hands that keep this ministry humming along… so grateful for our Sacred Service volunteers.

On Sunday the title of my talk was “The Hero in Us” and every one of our volunteers is a hero. Webster’s dictionary defines a hero as a “mythological or legendary figure often of divine descent endowed with great strength or ability. . . one of great courage. . . one admired for achievements and noble qualities.”

I like the idea that as children of God — of “divine descent” — we qualify as heroes. Even when we don’t feel heroic, when we feel fearful, there is a hero in us, waiting to be called out. All we need to do is call on that divinity within us to guide us to do the right thing. When we listen to that Divine Wisdom, we will be filled with creative ideas. When we act on those ideas, we become heroes.

The Bible is full of such stories — of people who faced extreme hardship and great odds but prevailed because they had faith in God and faith in themselves. When we refer to the heroes of the Bible, we usually think of holy men and women who accomplished great things because they were people of God.

We hardly ever recognize them as ordinary people, just like us. One such hero was, indeed, a common person. In fact, he was just a shepherd boy. His name was David.

To hear how David is seen as a hero, listen to the Sunday message. There is much more that identifies what qualities a hero has, and you will hear that as well.

Here is the key point of today’s lesson: If we are to nurture the hero in us, we must go in God’s way, not in the way of the world. We must remember that we are of divine descent, endowed with everything we need to be a hero.

God bless you for being who you are and doing what you are doing in your corner of the world.
Next Sunday’s talk title is “That Just Blew My Mind.”

You are a blessing in my life.
Rev. Patricia Bessey


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