Sunday with Dr. Garland Landrith

This week’s letter is coming from (Office Administrator) Steph (Plourde), as Rev. Pat has been away at the Parliament of World Religions.

We were very fortunate to have with us this past Sunday Dr. Garland Landrith, who gave what I thought was a very inspirational and educational talk about miracles. Dr. Landrith believes that miracles are a normal, natural part of life in the Quantum Field. Since there’s so much we don’t yet understand about the nature of consciousness and reality, the possibilities are literally endless.

Garland has developed a very unique technique that combines EFT (tapping), HeartMath, and Ho’oponopono, believing that each practice makes the others more complete and therefore more effective. Personally, I loved every bit of it and have been using his technique since I learned it. Tapping leaves me feeling restored, peaceful, and even invigorated and energized if done a certain way.

Before Garland left, I asked him what he would most like people to know. He said there are two things. First, he wished that people understood at a very deep level that we are all connected. His research and understanding of quantum physics supports this, though it’s a difficult concept for many to grasp on faith. The second thing he wanted people to know is that we are good enough and have always been. He believes the deeply held belief that we aren’t is the most prevalent, limiting belief human beings carry. One of his favorite affirmations is, “The same force that created the Universe lies within me. I see love and abundance everywhere. I embrace this love and abundance because it is me. I feel humbled by all the gifts I’ve been given. I wish to use these gifts to help others.”

Lastly, I wanted to share something important that Garland shared in the workshop that really struck me. He explained that being too specific about “intentions” keeps us in our left brain, and our left brain keeps us stuck. He explained that God already knows what we want and need (I think I already had a sense of this). Therefore, our job is to know it, love it, and let it go. Let it go. Love and gratitude support this entire process.

We lost power before Garland started speaking on Sunday, so were unable to record it. However, Garland shared this talk at Unity on the River:


There’s a lot coming up at Unity during a busy holiday season! Please see what’s on the calendar and think about how you might like to participate.

With love and gratitude,



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