Sunday Audio & Video Files

Sunday Audio & Video Files

 Watch previous Sunday talks here. Rev. Pat Bessey’s follow-up messages, published with the video files, provide additional insights and news about Unity Center for Spiritual Growth. 

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Tales That Teach – Jesus: Master Teacher

WE DID IT! We livestreamed for the first time this past Sunday. A huge shout out to Chris Purinton, our AV tech, for making this possible. I find this interesting that we had almost as many viewers online at 10 a.m. catching the service as we had folks in the sanctuary. This will be the way of the future for us going forward.

I started a new series on Sunday called “Tales That Teach.” We will be awakening our hearts to the teachings of the nonviolent Jesus. I pointed out that Jesus had various methods for teaching. They were storytelling, precepts, and parables. This series will be focusing on the parables he used.

Storytelling was the means of conveying information long before Jesus’ time. Stories were the means to reflect wisdom and knowledge to the people, and stories were used for many generations. It is believed by most historians and psychologists that storytelling is one of the many things that define and bind humanity.

Precepts are short, usually meaningful statements that are clear and direct. Here are a few examples: “Judge not, so that you may not be judged.” “Ask, and it will be given to you.” “Seek first the kingdom of God.” These are clear, concise, directions.

Parables are metaphorical in nature; they’re short, fictitious narratives based on a familiar experience and having application to spiritual life. They are brief symbolical stories told to illustrate truth principles.

I choose to do this series now because we have the capacity to understand, we have the capacity to reap the abundance, and yet sometimes we forget; we let things of the world get in the way and, as the gospel says, “our hearts become dull.” This will be an opportunity to re-familiarize ourselves with Jesus’ stories, and understand the message more clearly. If you missed the service or want to refresh your memory, watch today’s video.

This coming Sunday the parables we are going to review are the lost sheep, the lost coin and the lost son. All of these come from the gospel of John. See you Sunday!

You are a blessing in my life,
Rev. Patricia Bessey

P.S. Please consider greeting and ushering one Sunday a month or preparing coffee for hospitality one Sunday a month. Contact me to let me know you are “all in.”

P.S.S. If you have joined us on either of the last two Sunday,s you know now that we are asking you not to sing. We also know how difficult it is not to sing… here is a solution: bring your mask with you, put it on during songs and sing your heart out!!!


Imagine With Me

News flash: We will be livestreaming at the 10 a.m. service this coming Sunday to Facebook and YouTube. There will be no early service.

Where does one begin to put into words the feeling that “love” elicits when your heart is full? I am writing this on Sunday afternoon following our first in-person service since March of 2020.

The energy in the building was electrifying… smiles and hugs were happening everywhere I looked. Old friends seeing one another for the first time in over a year. For some it was even longer. Neither the Board of Trustees nor I knew if folks were ready to come back; however, we have said all along we will follow CDC guidelines and it was clear that it was time to reconvene. And it is evident you were ready to come back. Thank you for making it a special and important day in our ministry’s history. This will be talked about for years to come.

A shout out to Michelle Neas and Kim Cowperthwaite for the festive atmosphere that welcomed us home. It truly was a time of great celebration!

The topic for the message on Sunday was “Imagine with Me!” The power of imagination is one of our 12 Powers that our co-founder Charles Fillmore identified and that we all have. Imagination is the faculty of mind which “lays hold of” spiritual ideas and translates them into material form. It also “beholds” material forms in their spiritual essence, or reality; that is, as ideas in mind. Imagination is the great symbol interpreter of the mind.

I decided on this topic imagination because as we begin to step back into the world after COVID-19 we are at a choice point. We can go back to business as usual, or we can use these last 15 months to inform us as to what is important to us and what can we leave behind. We can use our power of imagination to reimagine an expanded version of ourselves as a community. We can discern what is important to us and will want to continue and what were we doing because we have always done it that way. I heard in the sharing on Sunday the word “space” and we have had the opportunity to put some space into our lives and like it.

I have also heard it said, “I am more about being now instead of doing.” I get that and both are needed. It is in the being that we open to the possibilities to lay hold of spiritual ideas and then the doing is to bring them into reality.

The questions I pose to you are these:
• What are you most hopeful about going forward with in your own life?
• What do you see your role is in the life of this community going forward?
• What would you like more of, or less of, as we reimagine Unity Center for Spiritual Growth?

Please send me your thoughts.

On Sunday I will begin a series called Tales That Teach. It begins with Jesus, Master Teacher.

Sacred service opportunity… let me know if you are willing to prepare coffee and tea for next week’s hospitality.

You are a blessing in my life,
Rev. Patricia Bessey

Living Originally: I Am the Author of My Life

Sunday service with Rev. Robert Brumet and Rev. Pat Bessey

THIS SUNDAY 8:30 a.m. Facebook Live and YouTube… 10 a.m. in-person service!

I had so much fun on Sunday being with my friend and colleague Rev. Robert Brumet from Kansas City, MO. I had the opportunity to interview Robert on many different topics. He is the author of several books, such as Finding Yourself in Transition, Birthing a Greater Reality and the latest, which is Living Originally. I have been using that for a talk series over the last few months.

Rev. Robert Brumet

Rev. Robert Brumet

Robert has been an ordained Unity minister for 41 years and how he got to Unity and the prophesy that he received on his first visit is a wonderful story that he told us. He shared from the last chapter in the book, “I am the author of my life,” that we are merely actors in this game called life and as the actor (ego) we play the role perfectly.

From the book, he writes, “The ego has a counterpart: the Omega-self, which is an infinitely older and wiser version of itself. It authors the story. The only separation between these two versions is our limited awareness. Evolution is simply awareness unfolding through time, bringing you ever closer to the recognition that, at the deepest level, you are Omega.”

To watch the interview and participate in the meditation led by Robert, watch the video above. If you would like to get reflections from Robert visit his website,, and scroll down to the bottom of the page to sign up.

This coming Sunday we will be back in person at our 10 a.m. service. The Board of Trustees and I have been very conscious of the protocols needed to be in place to keep everyone as safe as possible. Masks are optional if you have been fully vaccinated. If you haven’t, then we do ask that you wear a mask. We will not have community singing at this time. We will phase that back in over time. There will be a section in the sanctuary if you want to social distance. Being mindful of everyone’s comfort, please ask before you hug and take a person’s hand.

Hospitality will be limited to coffee and tea. The picnic tables will be available outside, should you desire to visit outdoors.

Our 9:30 meditation will be brought back in once we are livestreaming the service so that Deana can have practice time with our vocalists.

Children are always welcome in the service and Children’s Church will resume in the fall.

I know that many of you are excited to be coming back and we are excited to have you. I do want to caution, however, that we must meet everyone where they are and remember our core values of loving, accepting, compassionate and welcoming. When we are demonstrating these values, we will have a great experience, as will others.

By the way, check out the bulletin board in the hallway to see what we have been up to while not meeting. Pretty impressive…thanks Trish Vogel and Barbara Sparrow.

The message this week is Imagine with Me! This will be a more interactive service than we normally have.

You are a blessing in my life,
Rev. Patricia Bessey

Living Originally: Living in the Heart of Desire

I am excited we will be hosting Rev. Robert Brumet next Sunday. Robert is the author of Living Originally, the book that I have been using for the Sunday messages.

I mentioned last week that June 6 was my 25th anniversary of being ordained. Robert was one of my instructors while I was in ministerial school. He was also my prayer partner, so I am extremely fond of him and look forward to having you meet him. If you would like to learn more about Robert before next week, visit his website.

Living in the heart of desire, Practice 9 of Living Originally, was the topic for Sunday’s message. Brumet writes: “None of us are strangers to feeling desire, and for some of us, certain desires have caused problems in our lives. However, this practice is much more than simply feeling how much or how often we desire something. To fully understand the nature and purpose of this practice, we need to unpack the term desire and its implication in our lives.

To experience desire fully, without attachment to outcome, is to allow life to express itself through you unfettered and unfiltered by past conditioning.

I shared this video by Michael Stone that debunks the myths of non-attachment which is needed to live from the heart of desire. 

Non-Attachment is living fully engaged and intimately alive in the flow of the interconnectedness of life. We learn everything leans into everything else.

As we lean into non-attachment, we become aware of our personal agendas and how they keep us hooked into attachment. It is in releasing these attachments we receive the gift of freedom. We experience everything in the moment without attachment. We experience the true nature of our environment and of those around us.

To learn the difference between living in the heart of desire and living in the heart of mind, watch the message at the top of this post.

Listen to the meditation for this week’s message by Robert Brumet.

On another note, we will be reopening to in-person services on June 20. We will be offering an online service as well; however, we don’t have the exact time or day as of this writing. We expect to let you know next week when that will be. We will also have the in-person guidelines for you next week as well.

You are a blessing in my life,
Rev. Patricia Bessey

P.S. Masks are optional; however, we are asking non–vaccinated people to please wear a mask. We will have a section for social distancing, and children are welcome in the service. There will be no Children’s Church at this time. Hospitality will consist of coffee and tea.


Death is My Advisor

I hope that you have heard that we are scheduled to resume in-person services on June 20. We are excited about being together again. With the reopening comes service opportunities… most importantly to start greeters and ushers along with those who will prepare coffee and clean up after coffee hour. Please reach out to me if you are ready to step into service. The hope is this will be a once month commitment. I always think of service as an act of devotion to God. Look forward to hearing from you.

The book Living Originally by Rev Robert Brumet, which I have been using for the last several weeks, has given me the opportunity to share on many topics that are of interest to me, and this past Sundays was one of them. The topic was death. In 25 years of ministry, I don’t think I have done more than a couple of talks on death. As I reflect on why that has been, I realized how I viewed it as not a topic that folks want to hear about and quite frankly one, I didn’t want to talk about.

That has changed for me, and it began to change when Rev. LeRoy was so sick and we didn’t know if he would recover or not. We began to face the reality that he may not and to have those difficult conversations. It was just a while later that Jody Fein proposed to me to do a series of evenings on the topic Dying to Life. Which we did and I learned a lot and got much more comfortable with death.

The message this week reiterated how uncomfortable we are with death that we seldom say the “D” word. We use phrases like “passed on,” “made their transition,” “gone to a better place,” or “with the Lord,” never saying “died.”

Dr. B J Miller, who was in a video that was shown, and Robert Brumet believe that the practice of allowing death to be our advisor is not a morbid preoccupation with death but rather a focus on how we are living our own life right now.

Here are questions that Brumet poses, and he encourages us to journal using these as prompts:
• What do I fear most about dying?
• Who and what will I miss the most when I die?
• What is important for me to finish before I die?
• What Legacy do I want to leave to humanity when I die?
• What do I want shared in my obituary… In my eulogy… In my epitaph?

Another exercise would be to make a list of all your problems and concerns and ask:
• How many of these things would be a problem if I had only one week to live?
• If I had but one week to live, what would be important to me?”

What you might want to ask is:
• Did I live well?
• Did I love well?
• Is the world a better place because of my life?

I will end with this quote from Ram Das in his book Walking Each Other Home: “What if dying were the ultimate spiritual practice?”

You will want to take the time to watch this message…and to listen to Robert Brumet’s meditation here

Next week will be “Living in the Heart of Desire.”

You are a blessing in my life,
Rev. Patricia Bessey

P.S. We are scheduling our first in-person service since March of 2020 on June 20. Please join us at 10 a.m. We will be online at 8:30 a.m. for those who are not local or not ready to do in-person yet.

Masks are optional; however, we are asking non–vaccinated people to please wear a mask. We will have a section for social distancing and children are welcome in the service. There will be no Children’s Church at this time. Hospitality will consist of coffee and tea.