Sunday Audio & Video Files

Sunday Audio & Video Files

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What’s in the Way IS the Way – Part 1

As the days flow into weeks we continue to be “staying in place” with no real end in sight. How are you doing? You are in my prayers daily… I pray for your good health both body and mind. With the weather warming up, getting out and walking does wonders for our well-being as we see nature coming alive with new life everywhere.

On Sunday we stretched even further than we have with technology by having Claudia Carawan as our guest musician. Claudia has been a friend of mine for many years and it was nice to be able to introduce her to our community. Thank you, Deana, for stretching with me to make this happen. I just heard back from Daniel Namond, and he will join us live on June 7.

A new series began on Sunday based on the book What’s in the Way IS the Way by Mary O’Malley. I think you are going to enjoy this series. This book invites us to let go of making life a struggle and just enjoy the adventure that it truly is. How fitting as we are in the midst of this pandemic.

O’Malley believes as we do that we carry a sense of well-being with us always. She uses the meadow as a metaphor for our OKness. As children we live in the meadow. Everything is new and exciting… we view everything with curiosity. As we grow thoughts begin to fill our head and start to tell ourselves stories about ourselves and about Life. The clouds in the sky begin to lower and circle around our heads. At first they are just wispy clouds that don’t fully block our experience of the meadow.

All you can see are the ever-shifting clouds in your mind. Most people live in a cloud of ideas about Life with which they struggle, rather than directly experiencing life itself. The clouds of ideas and the struggle separate us from knowing our OKness at the heart of Life in the Meadow.

Mary provides tools to stay in the meadow.

Tool No. 1 is Going into the Heart

Your Heart is an energy center that “fills your whole being with its wisdom energy.”

Remember someone you care about and allow yourself to feel that care deeply. Notice your chest expanding and opening up.

Now think about something that makes you angry; notice how your heart’s energy center closes down.

It is your heart rather than your mind that is the source of wisdom, healing, and love, and it is very smart.

We can also develop compassionate curiosity. When the mind is curious, we learn to live in mystery instead of story. Life becomes an adventure.

Pause: Take a moment to listen to Life… notice the sounds around you… spend a few seconds on one sound and then move to another sound…

Did you notice you were not thinking… you were using your mind to be curious about life rather than thinking about it… you were experiencing the moment…

Tool No. 2 is Curiosity

Compassionate curiosity allows you to watch your thoughts rather than get caught up in them, so you have a choice to unhook from them by turning your attention to what is actually happening, not your ideas about it. You can also then move into the wisdom of your heart.

Mary writes: Simply let all pass through you, knowing that at any moment only a small part of you has a problem with Life. The rest of you is at peace.


To know that we are always OK and we trust Life to give us what we need, but not necessarily what we want.

We have the ability to see life as a series of events that are happening for us, not to us. Whatever is in the way is the way! Our lessons challenge us so they can lead us back to our hearts!

Here is an affirmation for you: RIGHT NOW, THIS IS LIFE, AND IT’S OKAY!

You are a blessing in my life,
Rev. Patricia Bessey

If you are having a birthday in May, I have a gift for you. It is meeting with me and completing an Annual Spiritual Checkup. We can do this by using Zoom, Skype or telephone. Let me know when your birthday is and that you would like to schedule a time to receive your gift. You can contact me here.

For your safety, continue to social distance and wear face masks. The church building remains closed for gatherings of all services and group meetings. All business with the church office needs to be via telephone or email.


Mother’s Day Service

Last in the Series: 6 Steps to Spiritual Maturity:
Step 5: I commit to developing a conscious contact with God through prayer and meditation.
Step 6: I demonstrate spiritual maturity by practicing these principles in all areas of my life.

I always like to start my message with something personal or exciting and will do so this week. However, as I am writing this, I am waiting for a technician from Spectrum to arrive and troubleshoot my internet. If you were watching on Sunday right in the middle of the service, I lost connection. I came back on in time to complete almost the whole service and it went out again. What I don’t understand, and I don’t need to, is that Deana was able to continue broadcasting and finish up. So I chalked up Sunday’s debacle to it being Mother’s Day and the lines were being overloaded with families gathering in the way we do now by either Face Timing or Zooming. Well, I was wrong with that assumption. I was doing the Midday Faith Lift today and it happened again. So, there you have it why the Spectrum technician… something is wrong with the internet.

Well, we are in the ninth week of social distancing and staying at home. How are you doing? Who could have ever imagined anything like this in our lifetime! Please let me know if you have a need that we can help with.

The last two steps from the Six Steps of Spiritual Maturity were the focus of the message on Sunday. They are:

Step 5: I commit to developing a conscious contact with God through prayer and meditation, and

Step 6: Knowing and understanding the laws of life, also called Truth, are not enough. A person must also live the truth that he or she knows.

Prayer is not about changing God or removing the bumps in the road. Prayer is about changing us.

Prayer is synchronizing oneself in consciousness with the cosmic flow, which is God’s eternal willingness.

God can do no more for you than he can do through you. If you are not taking time to slow down and plug in, you are going to be out of step.

Here are tips for creating a habit of prayer…

1. Recognize your need for prayer…
2. Don’t be afraid of catching a habit
3. Have a morning routine
4. Build prayer into everyday tasks that just require hand…  e.g. laundry, cooking, mowing…
5. Pray with someone on a regular basis… prayer partner
6. Instead of saying you need to pray, just start praying
7. Make a commitment to prayer…
8. Write down answered prayer
9. Remember the more you pray the more you want to pray

For Step 6: “Merely owning a deluxe set of bodybuilding equipment does not produce physical improvement. Gains are made only when these tools are consistently used. In the same way, comprehending the nature of God and humankind, understanding the power of the mind, and knowing how to pray will not stimulate spiritual growth unless applied to daily living.” — Keys to the Kingdom

God works through each of us to bring more of God’s life, love, and wisdom into the world. Know that God is with you in whatever action you decide to take.

Next Sunday I will begin a new series from the book What’s in the Way IS the WAY by Mary O’Malley. You are going to enjoy this series.

I have kept the best for last. If you have read this whole message you will get the gift… this coming Sunday we will have an award-winning singer/songwriter whose music runs deep… live from Richmond, VA: Claudia Carawan. Google her and listen to her great music. You will love her… she will be here with our own Deana. What a great lineup…

Speaking of lineup…  have you contacted Rev. Elizabeth to let her know what you will be offering for the Talent Show? It has been postponed from next Sunday night but it will still be happening, just at a future date.

You are a blessing in my life,
Rev. Patricia Bessey

6 Steps to Spiritual Maturity: Step 4

Step 4: Using denials and affirmations, I cleanse my consciousness of all error thoughts.

Gratitude means paying attention – noticing God in the small things. And, in these times, you are my reason for gratitude.

I see God in the comment stream on the Facebook page whenever we go live with our Midday Faith Lift, Wednesday Night Meditation, or Sunday Celebration service.

God shows up as each of you on the Coffee Hour Zoom call following the Sunday service. God moves through our community in the care you all offer one another.

I have also seen and felt God working through the generosity of many of you who have supported Unity Center for Spiritual Growth during these weeks of “Staying at Home” as you continue to support us through your tithes and offerings. Thank you to those who have become consistent givers; we are grateful for your commitment and support.

I have some good news to share with you. We have received funds from the Payroll Protection Plan Stimulus, and we are assured of payroll for the next two months. Your Board of Trustees is monitoring the guidelines that are coming from the Maine CDC and Governor Mills and will keep you informed when we feel it is safe to begin to have services once again from our sanctuary.

I also want to give a shout out to you who have signed up for Automatic Giving. I know this can be a stretch for some to use this form to give of your tithes and offerings. In the reading I have been doing regarding church post-coronavirus, passing the offering basket will not be happening, so we are encouraged to invite you to do automatic giving or to go to our donate button as another online option. Of course, checks in the mail are always welcome.

On Sunday I continued with Step 4 of the Six Steps to Spiritual Maturity. It is: Using denials and affirmations, I cleanse my consciousness of all error thoughts.

This is one of my favorite steps because when I learned about denials and affirmations my life changed. I had learned about affirmations but never about denials. These are “handles to power.”

The most necessary part of learning is to unlearn our errors. Our purpose in Unity is to learn to see rightly. A denial is the first practical step toward seeing rightly by wiping out of our minds the mistaken beliefs that raise such havoc in our lives.

The definition of denial is a declaration that something is untrue; its purpose is to cleanse. We do not deny things out of existence; we deny wrong thoughts about them.

Charles Fillmore in the book Prosperity says, “Denial usually comes first. It sweeps out the debris and makes room for the new tenant that is brought into the mind by the affirmation.”

An affirmation is a strong, true statement about yourself or a situation.

Here is an example to be used if you are longing for Peace of Mind:

• The denial is: This anxiety, confusion, or fear is powerless to take or keep my good from me.
• The affirmation is: Divine love now dissolves and dissipates all anxious, confused, or fearful thoughts, and I am peaceful in Mind and heart.

As you change your beliefs you change your life. Denials are the belief changers.

Take away:

• The tools for cleansing our conscious and subconscious mind are denials and affirmations.
• Both our thinking and feeling is engaged in the process of denials and affirmations.
• Denial is our ability to release the energy and power we have invested in negative (error) thinking…feeling…beliefs.
• Affirmations confirm the conscious recognition of Truth.

This coming Sunday we will complete the series with Steps 5 and 6:

Step 5: I commit to developing a conscious contact with God through prayer and meditation.

Step 6: I demonstrate spiritual maturity by practicing these principles in all areas of my life.

I leave you with this thought from Maya Angelou’s I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings: “The quality of strength lined with tenderness is an unbeatable combination.”

You are a blessing in my life,
Rev. Patricia Bessey

6 Steps to Spiritual Maturity: Step 3

Step 3: Through Introspection I Identify the Thoughts I Hold That Create My Experience

My intent in writing this is to give you something personal that either we have experienced or from my interactions with you. However, this morning I am rather stumped. What I am finding, and many of you may be also, is that my days look about the same and so not much newsworthy is happening. I am taking an online class with Mirabai Starr which I am enjoying. The course is called Live the Sacred Blessings of the Women Mystics

Mirabai Starr

Mirabai Starr

and Goddesses. Taking this class makes me realize how blessed we will be when she comes here in November. She is a real wealth of information and inspiration. The homework for this week is to write for 10 minutes starting with this carrier phrase “When I grow still…”. I invite you to take 10 minutes in your day, set a timer, and see what nuggets reveal themselves. I found it very helpful.

I am also doing some work with Mary Reed. You may remember when Mary came a year ago this past fall and she delighted us with her presence and mystical teachings. You can find her on YouTube and her website, She has a course offered for free or love offering called Divine 444. Check it out.

On Sunday I continued with the series “6 Steps to Spiritual Maturity,” which I had begun prior the Easter season. This Sunday was Step 3:Through Introspection I Identify the Thoughts I Hold that Create My Experience. Thoughts held in mind produce after their kind. This is the law of mind action, and with it we make our own world.

Charles Fillmore, in his book The Twelve Powers of Man, says: “Man is the power of God in action. To man is given the highest power in the universe, the conscious power of thought.”

Think on this quote a moment… we are all God’s creation and have been given the conscious power of thought. Fillmore also says in Keep a True Lent that: “The thinking faculty in man makes him a free agent, because it is his creative center; in and through this one power, he establishes his consciousness—he builds his world.” We have been given free will and with that free will we get to build our world.

If God has the power to give us the ability to form our thoughts, have you ever wondered why our thoughts aren’t all good. H. Emilee Cady, author of Lessons in Truth, a primary Unity teaching, gives a very clear answer to this question.

Lessons in TruthShe says, “Is it difficult for you to understand why, if God lives in us all the time, He does not keep our thoughts right instead of permitting us through ignorance to drift into wrong thoughts, and so bring trouble on ourselves? Well, we are not automatons. Your children will never learn to walk alone if you always do their walking. Because you recognize that the only way for them to be strong, self-reliant in all things — in other words, to become independent adults — is to throw them on themselves, and let them, through experience, come to a knowledge of things for themselves, you are not willing to make a mere puppet of them by taking the steps for them, even though you know that they will fall down many times and give themselves severe bumps in their ongoing toward perfect physical adulthood.”

I quoted many other pearls of wisdom from her on Sunday as well.

As you go through your days, only allow thoughts that build you and others up stay in your mind because thoughts held in mind produce after their kind.

Psalm 19:14: “Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable to you, O LORD, my rock and my redeemer.”

Let the words of your mouth and the meditations of your heart be acceptable — build up the world. In thy sight and in yours.

Next Sunday will be Step 4: Using denials and affirmations, I cleanse my consciousness of all error thoughts.

It is not too late to join the class tomorrow on Unity from the Inside Out… contact me right now, and I will send you the material needed for tomorrow’s class.

Dear One, know that you are loved, and I am sending you a virtual hug…

You are a blessing in my life,
Rev. Patricia Bessey