Stepping Through the Looking Glass

Saturday, April 15, 1-3 p.m. — With Pamela Albee CCHT, CHI. Cost $30. Registration required. The class is limited to 15. Register early. Registration closes on April 12.

Join us for a lively and thought-provoking two-hour experiential workshop discovering a pathway into the catacombs of the unconscious mind, which holds information about past lives. Past life exploration is fascinating and can hold keys to who we are now, in this lifetime. You may learn your life’s purpose for your current incarnation. You may uncover a deeper awareness of a latent talent or a chronic ailment that has no explanation. You may uncover the origin of an undesirable personality trait that has no reasonable family inheritance. You may be able to understand and resolve karmic debt, which feels like it follows you around like a little black cloud. Information retrieved in a past life regression can be life-enhancing, and bring release and peace of longstanding fears. Anything is possible when you are open to receiving what the unconscious mind wants you to know.

Come with an open mind and a journal to write in or perhaps draw who you discovered you were in a past life. If you would like to lie down during guided imagery work, please feel free to bring blankets, pillows, or pads to lie on. The floor is a bit chilly, so bring warm socks if you like to take your shoes off for more comfort.

Afterward, we will have a sharing round-robin to hear about everyone’s experiences – for those who care to share.

Pamela Albee

Pamela Albee has 20 years’ experience as a nationally certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and 15 years as a Certified Hypnotherapy instructor. She retired from a private alternative counseling practice in Washington State before moving to Maine in 2017. Pamela also has 26 years’ experience as a shamanic practitioner and instructor. Please visit her website to read more about your instructor.

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Stepping Through the Looking Glass

  • Class size is limited to 15.
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