Quiet Quest: A Journey…

Quiet Quest: A Journey Into Silence and Self-Discovery

Saturday, June 1, 9:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. — This introductory mini-retreat is designed to help you establish a connection with the five distinct realms of your existence: the physical, emotional, mental, moral (your relationship with yourself and others), and spiritual. Engaging with these 5 Domains allows us to touch base with these facets of our being at any given moment. It’s through this mindful attention to our diverse aspects that we can attain a greater equilibrium in our lives.

This will be a Retreat of Silence. Attendees will be urged to disconnect as much as feasible during the mini-retreat duration. Join us and immerse yourself in related practices that can deepen your connection with your inner self.

Registration is required and is free. Please practice generosity at the conclusion of the retreat, when a love offering will be collected.

About the Facilitators

Jaclyn Ashla

Jaclyn Ashla

Rev. Jaclyn Ashla, also known as Amanna, has been a dedicated member of the Inayatiyya, a Sufi Path of Spiritual Liberty, for three decades. She serves in multiple roles including a Spiritual Guide, Healing Retreat Guide, Universal Worship Cheraga (Reverend), Zirrat Farmer, Healing Conductor, and Coordinator. Additionally, she is a perpetual learner in the Inner School of Self-Development. She holds the title of Emeritus Northeast Regional Representative and has contributed to the region’s council for numerous years.

In addition, Jaclyn holds the title of a Kaisen Muse Creativity Coach, serves as a Minister of the Spark of Truth Christian metaphysical church, and is a certified Reiki Master and Massage Therapist. As an active member of the Unity Center for Spiritual Growth, she contributes as a Prayer Partner and is a part of the Healing Circle.

Jenn Greaves

Jenn Greaves

Jenn Greaves, also known as Salima, has been an integral part of the Inayatiyya, A Sufi Path of Spiritual Liberty, for nearly three decades. Her journey with Inayatiyya has led her to become a Spiritual Guide, Healing Retreat Guide, Coordinator (meditation teacher), and Healing Conductor. For approximately 14 years, Jenn has been at the helm of an Inayatiyya center in Portland, which currently conducts two meditation classes a month. Moreover, Jenn now serves as the Representative/leader for the Northeast region, following her decade-long service on its council. She is presently honing her skills to lead alchemical meditation retreats, aimed at helping individuals awaken to their true essence.

Furthermore, Jenn is a retired Clinical Social Worker and Alcohol and Drug Counselor. She attended her first Unity service in Portland in the late 1980s and is a proud member of the Unity Center for Spiritual Growth.

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Quiet Quest Retreat

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