Principles of Prosperity: Life Work

Principles of Prosperity, Life Work: Abundance Through Clarity

Sunday message by Rev. Pat Bessey

It is Sunday afternoon as I am writing this, and we are having a beautiful day; however, it is not so for our sisters and brothers in the Bahama’s. A category 5 hurricane is pounding that island with winds in excess of 185 mph. By the time you read this hurricane Dorian is likely to be off the east coast and our continued prayers are going to be needed.

A shout out to our wonderful congregation for a delicious potluck today. The first Sunday of the month is a potluck and it was wonderful to see the folks coming in carrying crock pots, bakery boxes, and other yummy food. Thank you for stepping up and giving our cooks a Sunday off.

Some Sundays I have a little apprehension about how the message I am giving is going to be received. Today was one of those Sundays. The talk title was “Life Work: Abundance Through Clarity.” The focus was on creating your own mission statement and goals to support the mission. Organizations have learned that having a clearly defined mission statement tend to do better in business than those who do not have a mission statement. This holds true for individuals as well.

Each of us has a mission in life. God longs to express through us, and our mission is the spiritual quality we are here to express. It is the reason we are here. We cannot be truly happy or prosperous unless we are fulfilling our mission. The word “mission” comes from the Latin word which means “sent”. It is God’s message to the world that we are sent here to deliver.

When we are integrated spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally we have our mission clearly in mind; we have our values and priorities in order; we have goals that support our mission and values. The first and vital task is to state clearly and unequivocally what we believe to be our life’s mission.

Your mission statement should answer these questions:
Why am I here?
What gifts am I here to give?
What is God’s mission for me?

This is something you know deep within yourself and bringing it to your conscious mind is a remembering. When you have written your mission, read the sentence you have written at least once each day. If it does not feel right, tweak it until it rings true.

When you have formulated your life’s mission, it is time to discover your life’s work. Your life’s work must support your mission. Your life’s work is the way, the channel, for giving your gifts to the world. A way to discover your life work is to ask God in prayer to reveal to you your life work. “Ask and you shall receive,” holds true here as everywhere.

This requires listening carefully, attentively, sincerely. It requires that you stop intellectualizing about what you have trained for, your age, status, economic limitations, employment, experience. When you stop intellectualizing, you can feel when something is right.

Here is a good exercise…each morning for 30 days respond to this question, “If I could do anything, how would I spend this day?”

This is a very revealing exercise because it unshackles you from the ties you think you have. It allows your imagination to roam free and gets you in touch with your true dreams, desires, joys.

Now to add goals to your mission and life work click here to listen to the complete Sunday message which includes S.M.A.R.T. goals…

Join us next Sunday for “Priorities: Abundance through Ordering Our Priorities,” and following the service we will have a community meeting.

You are a blessing in my life.
Rev. Patricia Bessey


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