Principles of Prosperity: Power

Principles of Prosperity: Power: Abundance through Gratitude

Sunday message by Rev. Pat Bessey

In just a few days, 44 women will be convening for our Women’s Retreat, Reclaiming Your Preciousness, at Pilgrim Lodge. I am so excited and look forward to the program that Rosie Deer Heart has for us. I also look forward to meeting some new friends as well. Not all of the 44 women are from our community.

Men, don’t feel slighted; your retreat is open for registration now. The theme is Discovering and Empowering Your Purpose. Learn more.

The message this past Sunday, in week six of the series Prosperity Principles, is about the power of the spoken word. I asked the question on Sunday: How would you feel if the conversation you were having in your head was suddenly broadcast over a public address system? I am sure you would be embarrassed, even mortified. I know there are times when I would be.

It would be quite revealing, wouldn’t it? And yet, spiritually, that is exactly what happens. Though others may not actually hear the words we say to ourselves, and though we may think that because we have kept it to ourselves no one will ever know what we are actually saying to ourselves, the effects of those words, or vibrations, cannot be hidden.

We live in a universe of vibration. You and I are wavelengths, so to speak. Every thought and every word goes forth with power to affect our lives and the universe. Every day we are choosing our experiences and our life through the words that we speak.

Everything in the universe starts with feeling and emotion. Thinking in your heart is feeling. It is the emotional experience. When we feel, we put it in words. We voice it.

Power of the spoken word is an amazing life-shaping capacity of the mind. The word you speak is creative in nature. We have far greater powers than we sometimes recognize. Every word we speak takes the full energy of who we are and sends it into life. Each word goes out to produce the conditions which correspond to our nature or character at that time. The point is, we can’t be one way and demonstrate another way. What we are is always speaking itself into existence. And it is always coming back to us as experiences, events, and relationships.

This week I invite you to pay attention to your words. Have you listened to yourself lately? First, listen to your inner, silent sound. Then listen to your words, their tones, your moods issuing forth a sound. Listen carefully, because this is your future being formed. You are hearing your future. The quality, the nature of your future is already being determined when you speak.

Your words will become fact. And then you will live in that reality and wonder where it came from. What do you hear when you listen to yourself? Sweetness, love, patience. Do your words really represent you? What do others hear from you? How does your vibration really affect them? Are you music to their ears? Your word is your bond; the universe takes you at your word. There are no idle words. Every word goes forth to do its mighty work.

Next week will conclude this series with “Thanksgiving: Abundance through Gratitude.”

You are a blessing in my life.
Rev. Patricia Bessey

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