Principles of Prosperity: Relationships

“Principles of Prosperity: Relationships. Our Place in an Abundant Universe”

Second in a series of Sunday messages by Rev. Pat Bessey


Mahatma Gandhi said, “Voluntary service of others demands the best of which one is capable.”

This talk on Prosperity Principles focuses on relationships and our place in an abundant Universe.

The relationship we develop with God (or whatever your name for God is) is very private and personal and is the foundation of our prosperity. We demonstrate prosperity in our lives when we serve God, and we serve God through serving the people around us.

The most prospering decision you can make is to see everything you do with new eyes… as I often say, put on your God glasses and see whatever you are doing; whether it is your work, caring for a parent, child or grandchild, see it with eyes that further the will and the work of God.

When we are working for God it is God who compensates us. Our good may not come from the place we think or expect. God has many ways to bring prosperity to us and is not limited to sources we think logical. Therefore, our prosperity always needs to go to the edge of what we believe possible.

We all have a comfort zone, in which we can be quite cozy. As we get to the edge of that comfort zone, however, the coziness disappears, and we can become a little nervous. This is where we always need to be, at the edge, because that is how we grow. As we keep pushing the edge of our comfort zone out further and further, we begin to find the world a very comfortable and friendly environment.

So I am living this week at the edge of my comfort zone… I have passed beyond it! A couple of weeks ago I got a call from the scheduler for Maine Calling with Jennifer Rooks that airs on MPR at 1 p.m. daily, asking if I would be on a panel discussing New Thought on Friday August 16. Of course, my immediate response was “yes,” which is what I am known to do without thinking through what is being asked of me. I am very excited and somewhat nervous as well… certainly beyond my comfort zone.

I also get to put into practice what I am sharing with you. It is appropriate for the Universe to support all of us. The Universe does support us at the level of our service when we allow it by being receptive. My saying “yes” is receiving what the Universe has to give me and Unity Center for Spiritual Growth. Giving and receiving are related; anyone who wants to be a great giver must also be a great receiver, allowing good to flow freely.

There is much more to be said on this topic, so listen to the complete message.

The affirmation we closed with is this: “I am richly compensated by a loving, lavish God for all the service that I render to the world.”

Next Sunday will be “Freedom: Making Room for Abundance.” I hope you will join me. The Levins will be with us as our guest musicians.

You are a blessing in my life.
Rev. Patricia Bessey


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