Moving From Ordinary Awareness to Sacred Awareness

Sunday Message by Guest Speaker Rosie Deer Heart

Message from Rev. Pat Bessey:

Here we are at the end of July… my, how fast summer is slipping away. Why is it that winter doesn’t seem to go by as quickly? Have you noticed that?

Rev. LeRoy and I took a mini-vacation this past week and went to New Brunswick and Gaspe, which is part of Quebec. We had a great time and the good news was that we found that Rev. LeRoy is up to traveling again. YAY!!! It is amazing what a change of scenery and staying out of the news and computer will do for your mental attitude.

Sunday was an amazing day! I know I say that every week and they are all amazing. The 8 a.m. service had two new couples join us. Both are new to the area.

The 10 a.m. service was a 10… Rosie Deer Heart was our guest speaker, and she gave us a lot to think about. She was talking about “future pull” and future pull is when we have a stirring in our soul and it is causing us to feel a sense of discontent. It is a place of not knowing, and yet knowing you can’t ignore it. She talked about being willing to sit in the discontent and wait for more to be revealed. Future pull is never something that you can figure out easily. That you already have the answer for. It is something that is calling you way beyond what you already know.

Here is a quote from her book, Living Future Pull: A Spiritual Memoir: “In my experience, soul calls often felt like breakthrough moments and sometimes epiphanies. For a time, I existed in liminal space where my former ways of being no longer fit and a new, more expanded way of being in the world had not yet taken hold. Like a snake that has shed its skin to make room for expansion, I felt vulnerable (especially since my soul skin was invisible.) My familiar former roles no longer felt fulfilling.”

Do you resonate with this? If so, join Rosie and many of us at our women’s retreat, Reclaiming Your Preciousness, in September. Register today and ask a friend or family member to join you. They will be so grateful that you invited them. You might even share with them how to listen to the talk from Sunday.

Next Sunday I will be starting a new series on the Principles of Prosperity. This will be the cliff note version of the class that will begin on Wednesday, August 7. Please join me for this expanded understanding of abundance in your life.

You are a blessing in my life.
Rev. Patricia Bessey

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